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What Is On-Page Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is often referred to as SEO, I will use both interchangeable throughout my website. A lot of the time people think of SEO as only things they change on their website to get higher search engine rankings, this is true, in part. Search Engine Optimization is more than just changing things on your website, this is why I refer to this part of SEO as “On-Page SEO” or even “On-Site SEO”. Other promotion techniques that you do away from your website, with the goal of getting better Search Engine rankings I would say is the rest of SEO or Off-Site Search Engine Optimization.

On-Page Search Engine Optimization

Now that you know why I call it On-Page SEO let’s talk more details. On-Page SEO is not as valuable or important as it use to be, however it is still considered important and everyone should practice good Search Engine Optimization fundamentals. Performing good On-Page SEO is more about making sure you website is well represented and readable to search engines then it is about getting higher search engine rankings. This is important because it helps search engines understand what your website is about and places you in more accurate results.

Quick Point About Keywords

I just want to quickly mention that performing good On-Page Search Engine Optimization requires you to have learnt about Keywords. You will also need to know what Keywords you want to optimize for, so to learn more about keywords you should check out my section on “Mastering Keywords

So What’s Involved In On-Page SEO

There is actually quite a bit to learn in order to perform good On-Page SEO, it is not hard though just a bit to learn. Here is a list of the current articles I have covering On-Page SEO and I suggest you read through all of them as it will give you a better understanding on how Search Engine Optimization works within your own website.


If you find anything throughout this section (or my website for that matter) that confuses you or you would like to know more about. Please Contact Me and let me know, there is a link to a form for contacting me at the bottom of every page on my website. Your Questions help me improve and expand my content so that I in return can better help you.