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Some Other HTML Tags That Can Effect Your SEO

I’ve got articles that cover things like “How To Write Good Page Titles”, “Keyword Density”, “The Meta Description”, etc but now I want to go over some of the other HTML Tags throughout your web pages that have some importance. I know this kind of Search Engine Optimization has become less valuable and some people believe that it offers hardly any value to your search engine rankings.

I believe that just because some people think it is useless doesn’t mean you should stop creating neat search engine optimized pages. The worse that can happen is that you won’t receive a higher search engine ranking but your visitors will still get a better viewing experience of your content. After all these other HTML tags were put in place to improve the representation of content, they were not originally made to improve SEO.

The Title Tag

In “How To Write Good Page Titles” I talk about writing good page titles, here I want to quickly show you how to use the title tag. I also want to mention that the title tag is used to create main title for the page, this is the title that you can read where you browser displays the title for the page. The title can actually be different to the title that you use within your content, usually this is where the main header tag is used, I’ll get to that soon. So to use the title tag all you do is inset the following in between your <head></head> tags;

<title>Enter Your Title Here</title>

The Main Header Tag

The main header tag which is referred to as h1 is what you will most likely use for the actual title of your content. You can use the same title here that you use for your page title but you don't have to. You h1 tag should have a good title since it is the header tag that holds the strongest value. Search engines will scan your h1 tag and use this in helping determine the main keywords for your web page. So make sure that you at least have the main keyword you are trying to rank for within the h1 tag. Here is how you use a h1 tag;

<h1>Enter Your Header Here</h1>

Other Header Tags

H1 tags are the most important header tags and you should only use one per page, other sub headings should use the other header tags, h2/h3/h4/etc. These header tags are still scanned by the search engines as they are usually used to denote the sub headings within your content. So whenever you want to make headings throughout your content like my “Other Header Tags” you should place these headings withing the h2-h3 tags. This will say to the search engines that these are also important in describing the content.

Image Name And Alt Text

When you add an image to your website there are a few things you can do to help your Search Engine Optimization effects. There are two things of concern here; First is the name of the actual image, you should correctly name the image with keywords relating to the content/image on the page. There is no point in naming an image “image032.jpg” or something like that, give it a name that could possible help your site. Secondly is the alternative text tag, this is used if the image is not displayed and it is also used in some other situations. Most web master don’t actually use the alt text tag and it may not make that much off a difference but in today’s competition every bit helps. I’ll give you an example of how to use this;

<img src="/ImageName.jpg" alt="Alternative Image Text">

Above is code used to add an image with the alt text. Let’s say that on this page you where talking about “How To Buy The Right Golf Balls For You”, a good image name would be something relating to golf balls (like golfball.jpg, buy-golf-ball.jpg) that could possible help your page. Good Alt Text would be something also relating to your page, like “Buying Golf Balls”, “The Right Golf Balls For You”, just something that could help your page.

That pretty much covers what I wanted to add about your other HTML Tags, this page may grow a bit over time as I think of more stuff to add. If you think that I should have included anything else please let me know, just click contact me at the bottom of this page.