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Improve Your Site Navigation To Help Your Website SEO

When you are making your website and you start to build your “Menu”/”Navigation” there are a few things you need to consider to improve your websites Search Engine Optimization. This is not extremely important and you can make a successful website making your navigation however you like. However this will add some value to your SEO efforts and is worth reading for those that want to do as much On-Page SEO as then can. I will also mention a few things you can do with your site navigation that will be beneficial towards your visitors.

Anchor Text In Navigation

By now you should know that anchor text is the word/phrased used when you link to a website. Knowing that you can see that every single menu (navigation) item you have on your website is a link to your other pages using anchor text. Anchor text is not to be ignored and you should take advantage of this, I know it is nowhere near as valuable as having others websites linking to your content but it helps.

So your goal here would be to use the main keywords you are trying to rank for (for the page you are linking to) in the text used for that menu item. For example say you had a web page on “Where to buy golf balls” you could call the menu item (link) that points to this page called “Buy Golf Balls”. This way when search engines see The anchor text “Buy Golf Balls” this will most likely increase the strength that the page you linked to will rank for the term “Buy Golf Balls”.

My point here is to use keywords related to the page you are linking to but at the same time make sure your visitors can understand it.

Three Links Deep Rule

This is more for your visitors and I am not sure if it effects the search engine rankings of pages but a common practice is to make sure any web page on your website is accessible in 3 of less clicks. For example say you have “Article X” and the only way to get to that article is buy clicking on “Page A”, then a link on “Page A” goes to “Page B” now usually you would want “Article X” to be (at the worse) be linked to on “Page B”. You don't want someone to have to click through 4+ pages just to get to an article. If you had to go through the path shown below just to get to “Article X” then you need to fix up your Navigation.

HomePage->PageA->PageB->PageC->PageE->ArticleX (that's extreme but if someone has to click more than 3 times to reach a certain article fix your Navigation system).