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Improve SEO By Staying On Topic and Not Adding Fluff To You Content

Have you ever been reading a page about a certain topic and the author gets sidetracked and starts talking about something that isn’t directly related to the topic. Even if you stray off and talk about something slightly related you are still damaging your SEO efforts. In that situation what you should do is write another page about the “Off Topic” content and then link to it where you would have started writing about it.

Why Does This Hurt SEO?

Let’s think back to how search engines scan your website to help determine what keywords to rank you for. Remember that Meta Keywords are almost fully ignored by search engines now (if they aren’t already) and it is actually your content that is used to determine keywords that best describe your pages. So if you go off topic and have a large chunk of your content that is talking about other “Keywords” then it is going to make it harder for search engines to accurately rank your website.

Easy Solution

There is a very easy solution for this, simply don’t go off topic when writing content for your website. If there is something else you want to talk about that requires a fair amount of writing then you are best off writing a new page and linking to it. This is better in 2 ways; first you stay on topic and make it easy for search engines to properly index your pages. Second you get another page added to your website, remember that the more pages you have the more traffic you will get.

I know this page is short but that is pretty much all I wanted to say on this topic, no point in adding fluff or talking about unrelated stuff. If I did that it would contradict what I wrote on this page and I don't want to do that.