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How To Write Good Web Page Titles - My Top 9 Tips

Page Titles are too often over looked or have little to no effort put into them. Even those that write really good content for their website usually finish then just strap on a Page Title and publish it. Page Titles are actually EXTREMELY important, yes I dared to capitalize that and make it bold, Why? Because I wanted to make sure you read it ... oh you mean why is it so important.

Why Page Titles Are Important

When your web page shows up in the search engines the Page Title is the main heading shown (and the link to your web page) so you need to make sure it pulls in people and entices them to click on it. Just there is a major reason why you should write good Page Titles, but wait there’s more. Search Engines put a lot of value into the Page Title when determining what your website is about, so a well written article will give the search engines more accurate keywords to rank you for.

With how much content there is on the internet and loads more being added every day you really need to right good Page Titles to help put your content above the rest.

Now let’s look at how to go about writing good Page Titles, here are my Top 9 Tips to help you write better Page Titles;

1. Perfecting The Length Of Page Titles

A good Page Title needs to be long enough that you can fully describe the page but at the same time you don’t want to go over the cap for Google’s (and other Search Engines) Titles in the results. You don’t want your Page Title being cut in half on the results page, it would look bad and less people would want to click on it. Also I’m sure Google don’t like listing pages that have a Page Title that long they have to cap them. You also have to think about your visitors, no one likes reading a 3 line page title.

A good length to aim for would be up towards the 70 character mark, that is about the max length that search engines will show. It’s ok to have less then this (even less than half) if your Title still describes your page well.

2. Targeted Keywords Towards Your Content

To make your Page Title add a strong SEO effect to your Web Page you will want to make sure you have Keywords within your Page Title. Not just any keywords related to your website, make sure the Keywords in the Page Title are well targeted and matched to the content on your page. This will make the page title look better in the eyes of Search Engines, if the keywords in the page title match what the search engines scanned out of your content that has to be good.

3. Important Part Of The Titles Goes First

Now this is for both Search Engines and people. Some people believe (no one can really be sure though) that Search Engines place more value on the words that appear closer to the start of a Page Title then the words towards the end. Now even if that is not true it is still a good idea to make the starting of your Page Title contain the more important information. This is because of the way people read, as you may have noticed we read from the start of a sentence.

When I say important stuff first I mean things like the strongest keyword closer to the start of the Page Title rather than the end. For example a bad page title would be “If You Want More Visitors To Your Website Learn Search Engine Optimization”. A better Page Title for this would be “Search Engine Optimization – Get More Website Visitors”, now that’s just a quick example there would be many other ways to right a good Page Title for that.

4. Unique Titles

I mentioned earlier about the amount of content on the internet and how there is so much more being added every day. This is where making your Page Titles unique can help you a lot. Try to stay away from common Titles. If you have an article on say SEO you don’t want to give it a title that 50+ other articles have, like “Learn Search Engine Optimization”. Common Page Titles means that you will be competing with many other page to get ranked, be unique and lead the rankings.

5. No Keyword Spamming

Don’t think that if you stuff your page title full of multiple keywords that you will rank high for all these different keywords. In fact all this will do is ruin your chance for ranking with any of the keywords. Search Engines won’t know what to rank you for and search engines are very smart they will see what you are trying to do, dedicate each page to a small amount of targeted keywords.

6. Writing For Your Visitors

I know I have been talking a lot about what looks good in your Page Titles towards the search engines but what about people. Remember that you main goal here is to offer good information to real people. Don’t get caught up focusing just on search engines, you need to make sure that your Page Titles are easily read and understood by real people. After all it is your visitors that you want to please, you website wouldn’t really exist without people to read it.

7. Page Titles Need Description

On top of everything else your Page Titles should describe what your page is actually going to be about. You need to make sure that if someone reads your page title it explains to them exactly what the rest of the page is about. Don’t make any false or misleading Page Titles, this will just annoy your visitors and you will be less likely to have returning visitors, your goal is to increase your traffic.

Sorry about the length of this page, I will try to wrap it up soon but I wanted to get out all the information in my head about Page Titles on a single page.

8. Question Page Titles

Don’t be afraid to make your page title look like a question, if people are looking for answers and see the question similar to what they are asking then they are likely to click on it. Also question Page Titles seem to intrigue people more (in my opinion) so give it a try, try a few pages with normal Page Titles and then try similar content pages with a question Title and see what the results are.

9. Quality Even If You’re Lonely

If you are writing for your blog or even your website and you have a very small amount of traffic don’t lower the quality of your Page Titles (or content). Some people seem to have the thought pattern that I am only writing for 5 people at the moment so I don’t have to try as hard. You couldn’t be more wrong, your early content is what actually builds your website. The better your content is in the beginning the faster your website will grow and the better your reputation will be.

Finally Finished

Well that about does it for me, that is all I can think of at the moment to help you write better Page Titles. If you have any other ideas for this page please send me an email (Contact Me link at the bottom of every page), even if you have any questions about this page you can contact me, I’m happy to help.