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How To Use Internal Linking To Boost Your SEO and Page Views

We all know that having other website from all over the internet linking to your website is very beneficial. What about if you link to your own website from within your website, yes I’ll admit it does sound a little pointless. My goal with this page is to explain to you why internal linking within your website can actually benefit you in multiple ways.

Internal Linking Explained

I think the best way to start is to explain exactly what I mean when I say internal linking and how you can properly use it. When other websites link to yours using anchor text (the words that are used for the link) this helps search engines know what keywords they should rank your page for and every link with similar anchor text will increase the ranking of your website for those keywords.

So why not do the same thing but link to yourself, you will see this being used a lot and most times people do it without meaning too. I am talking about when people link to other article/pages on their website within the content of the page you where reading. This is basically all internal linking is. So within the content of most your pages try to link out (at least once) to another page in your website.

Effects Internal Linking Has.

Now let’s take a step back and think exactly how this will help your Search Engine Optimization and if it helps in other ways. So how does this effect SEO, the answer is simple, in a very similar way that anchor text links from other websites help you. The anchor text that you use for the links to your other pages (within your content) will help search engines know what keywords the page you link to should get ranked for. Of course this won’t add as much value as external links pointing in but every little bit counts.

This will also help to spread your link juice around your entire website, let me explain. Say you have a popular page on your website and you have hundreds of links coming in but 80% of them all point to this one page. This means that the link juice for that page will be much stronger than your other pages. So using internal linking will help share some of this link popularity with your other web pages, in return your rankings for your other web pages will also go up.

Increase Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is simple a measurement of how often people “bounce” to other pages in your website. This is basically the number of visitors your website received compared to the number of page views, 1 person can make multiple page views. So how does internal linking increase this, simply by giving your readers more options to view your other pages. If someone reads through one of your pages and sees a section of text highlighted and is interested in it at all they simply have to click on it and then they are directed to another one of your pages.

By now you should see that there are benefits to using internal linking throughout your website. Even if it had no effect on search engines, which I believe it still does, the benefits from the increased page views would still be enough to validate using internal linking.