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Good Use Of Keyword Density Can Better Your SEO

I spoke a lot about keywords in the “Mastering Keywords” Section so I don’t want to repeat myself on this page. My main focus here is to talk a bit about keywords in relation to keyword density throughout your content. First let’s start with the basics

Keyword Density?

For those of you who are not 100% sure what keyword density is I will clear that up now. Keyword density is simply a measure of how often you use certain keywords throughout your content. The keywords are counted and the density is the ratio between the number of times you used each keyword to the total number of words in the content. It’s not an exact science so you don’t actually need to fully count up all keywords and calculate ratios or anything, that was just a way to help explain

How Many Keywords

In any single piece of content you don’t want to focus on too much more than about 2-3 main keywords. However in order to make those keywords stronger and your content look more natural to search engines you will want to use other related keywords to those main keywords. Now if you look where I’m pointing on the screen.... err... let’s try this without hand motions.

You will want to make sure that you’re most dense keywords are the actual ones you are trying to rank for. The related keywords are there just to add value and you will only want to use those keywords a few times each. Although you can use a few different related keywords, if you are still unsure about keywords, related keywords, etc. You can read up on that in the “Mastering Keywords” section.

How Dense?

Now exactly how many times should you type your main keywords, as a small guide line I try to throw in a main keyword where ever it fits. So if I trying to say something I won’t change the way I say it just to be able to add another main keyword. However if one of your main keywords fits then you should use it and if you are staying on topic for that page then you should have plenty of opportunities to use your main keywords.

Sum It Up

That about covers all you need to know for keyword density. Just remember that search engines scan your content now to figure out which keywords best suit your website so it is important to stay on topic and mention your main keywords throughout your content. Plus don’t try to rank for too many keywords on a single page.