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What Are Keywords and How Do They Relate To Search Engine Rankings

Learning how to Master Keywords is very important to your online success with a Website. There is so much to know about Keywords that I could not simply type up a single page to explain it all, so I have dedicated a whole section to Mastering Keywords. Firs off I think it is best to start with learning exactly what keywords are, how Keywords work and what type of effect keywords can have on your website.

What Are Keywords

Search Engines have one goal, to show users the most accurate, relevant and popular websites that match what they are searching for. To do this Search Engines first need to categorize every single web page in their database so that they know what each web page is about. This is where Keywords come into play; there are quite a few different ways keywords are actually used;

First and the most commonly known way keywords are used is through the Meta Keyword tag (which looks like this; <meta name="Keywords" content="keywords here" />). Meta Keywords are entered by webmasters to try and help describe to the Search Engines what Keywords they were aiming for. Over the years Meta Keywords have become less and less valuable as Search Engines don’t treat them as important anymore, Search Engines have other means of finding out more accurate Keywords.

Since the Meta Keyword tags are easily abused by webmaster Search Engines had to evolve to find a way to more accurately get Keywords for every web page. To do this Search Engines now scan all the content on a web page and using a complex algorithm determine exactly what each web page is about. That is why it is very important to write good content, don’t fill pages with fluff and stick on topic.

Search Engine Rankings

Now don’t think that if you master keywords you will be listed first on every Search Engines, I’m afraid it is not that simple. Keywords are used so that Search Engines can show your website within search results that accurately match your content, Keywords don’t determine your ranking though.

The way I see this is that Keywords are used to match your site to the different search phrases that users search for. You will not be the only match, there will be hundreds and thousands of other websites that also match different search phrases. The order that the results are listed in (your rankings) has a lot to do with the popularity of your website, which you will learn more about this later.

Importance of Keywords

Don’t get me wrong even though I say keywords aren’t a strong factor to your rankings they are extremely important. Since keywords determine what search phrases your are matched against they have a huge role in the amount of traffic you will receive. Every single keyword will have a different amount of competition of websites trying to rank well in the search engines for it. You want to rank for keywords that have a lot of searches but at the same time have as little competition as possible.

The more competition on a keyword the harder it will be do get high Search Engine rankings, so you can see that Mastering Keywords is very important to the success of your Website.