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How To Effectively Use Keywords Throughout Your Website

Once you know what keywords you want to use it’s not as simple as adding them to the Meta Keyword tag and leaving it at that. To use keywords properly you must use them throughout your entire web page, and every web page on your website. The Keywords you use from page to page should vary depending on the content on each page.

To start with you should build your own “Targeted Keyword List” if you haven’t already.

Keyword and Description Tags

I want to quickly cover the Meta Keyword and Description tags as they are the easiest way keywords are used and less valuable, still important though. Every page of your website should contain the Meta Keyword and Description tags which are used like this;

<meta name="keywords" content="keyword, keyword, keyword, ..." />

<meta name="description" content="Short description about the page"/>

These Meta tags will appear in the header section of a website, basically enter all the main keywords for the current page into the Keywords tag. For the Description tag you want to enter a description about the page but at the same time include a few of your main keywords. Make sure the description is still easily read and understood since it is also what people will see if your page is shown in the search engine results. Below is an example of how the description tag is shown.


So make sure your description is well written for all of your web pages but at the same time try to make sure it includes a few of your main keywords.

Page Titles

Page Titles are important in a handful of different ways, first you need to make sure your Page Titles are written so that people want to click on your link when you are listed in the search engines. Secondly search engines do use the Page Title in determining the Keywords to rank your web pages for. This is why you need to make sure that you have your main keywords placed throughout your Page Titles but not spammed.

Header Tags

Every page should have at least the <H1> </H1>tags, this is where you want to put the heading for the content on your page, often this is the same as the Page Title. Again just like the Page Title you want to make sure you have a few of your main keywords placed within the header tags.

Image Alt Text

This is often over looked and many times people don’t even use the image alt text. Search Engines read this alt text as a way of figuring out what the image is about and having an image that is indexed with your keywords can only help. Here is a quick look at how to use the Image Alt Text;

<img src="/image.jpg" alt="Alternative text goes here">

Within Your Content

This is up there with the most important use of your Keywords since it is the main part of your website that you will get indexed for. Using your keywords within your content is actually not easy to master and will take a lot of time to get it right. You don’t want to overdo it and spam the same keyword throughout your entire page so you need to mix it up.

If you have read my article on “Building Your Own Targeted Keyword List” then you will know what I mean when I say use keywords for your keywords, plus you should have a bunch ready to use. So you know that you have to use the main keywords you are trying to rank for constantly throughout your content, without spamming. Now a good way to strengthen those keywords is to use other keywords that relate to the main keywords you want to rank for.

The best way to do this is to only use these keywords for your keywords a few times each. To try and explain that here is an example; say you have a main keyword KW1 you want to rank for and you have decided on 4 other keywords related to KW1 which we will call AKW1, AKW2, AKW3 and AKW4.

Sorry if this is going to get confusing.

So you want to make sure that KW1 is used all throughout your content but then you also want to use AKW1-4 only a few times each. This is done to complement the main Keywords you are trying to rank for, you don’t want to use these AKW keywords more than your main keywords as it will just confuse the search engines and work against what you are trying to do.


Ok I understand that this page probably got confusing and I may have ended up not making much sense. Since this is my first attempt at explaining how to use keywords I would really like your feedback. Please if you are confused at all or would like to ask any question (which would be appreciated, as questions help me improve my content) please use the contact me form, there is a link at the bottom of this page or you can click “Contact Me”.