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How To Use Google's Keyword Tool

So you have probably heard me talking a lot about Google’s Keyword Tool and I have probably even told you to use it for certain things. Well now is probably a good time to show you how to actually use it. Google’s Keyword Tool is great for getting a better understanding on what people search for when using Google. It can help you determine what keywords you should aim for to get a higher search volume and potentially more traffic.

Google Keyword Tool, Where?

I want to start by showing you where to find this Keyword Tool, simply click this link “Google Keyword Tool”. This tool was originally offered to give Google AdWords customers a tool to help them choose keywords they wanted their Ads to show for. As the higher volume Keywords people AdWords customers used the more money Google makes.

When you first arrive at the Keyword Tool page you will need to enter in the image verification.

General Keyword Search

Let’s begin with a simple Keyword/Phrase search, in the top left you will see a box called “Word or phrase. Enter a Keyword that you would like to know the monthly search volume for. You will notice there is a list of results, the first one should be the keyword you entered and the rest will be related keywords that Google thinks are relevant.

You should then see a few columns of information beside the list of keywords, the first column being “Competition”. The Competition column is more for the AdWord users as it is representing the amount of advertising competition for this keyword not the competition for search engine rankings.

Next is he “Global Monthly Searches” this is a rough guide to how many times someone searches for that keyword each month, globally. This is what you need to look at to determine if the keyword is work trying to rank for, if the “Global Monthly Searches” are under say a thousand or so then it is probably best to aim for other keywords first.

Match Types

You can see on the left hand side there is a section called “Match Types”, naturally this should be set to broad. This means that the search volume for each keyword on the list is broad, so searches that are related to that keyword. If you would like to know the exact amount of searches made for an exact phrase simply tick the “[Exact]” box. The Exact Match Type will show you a list of keywords with a search volume for searches that exactly match the keyword you entered.

Website Keyword Search

At the top of the page there is also a box labelled “Website”, you can use this box to enter a URL that you would like to see what keywords Google finds most relevant to that page. This is good for finding out Keywords from your competitor pages but also good to see what Google see’s in your pages.