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Competitor Analysis - Get An Insight Into Your Competitors Website

By now you would have already looked into some beginning Keywords that you can rank for, if you haven’t check out “Keyword Research”. Another great way to discover new Keywords that you could potential use is to check out your competition. This is where competitor analysis comes in and you should recheck your competitors often to know if they change anything.

Meta Keywords and Description

A good starting point is to go to your competitors website and look at the source code, most browsers allow this, try going to view->source or something like that (with Google Chrome and Firefox you can simply hold Ctrl and press U). Now you can look for their Meta Keywords and Description tags and see what Keywords they are trying to rank for. Remember that every page will (should) have different Keywords and Description so have a look around.

That’s a basic way to check for the Keywords your competitor wants to rank for however Google usually see’s your page different too the Keywords you may think you are aiming for. So what better way to find new Keywords then asking Google what Keywords a Page/site is likely to rank for.

Google Keyword Tool ... Again

Since search engines like Google don’t really pay that much attention to the Keywords you add to your Meta Keywords tag it is best to see what Google has to say about a page. This will give you more accurate Keywords relating to the content you want to check, in Google’s eyes anyway. So basically open up Google’s Keyword Tool and enter the URL for the page you want to check into the “Website” box and search.

If you haven’t used Google’s Keyword Tool yet then I suggest you check out my article that shows you “How To Use Google’s Keyword Tool”.

After you search the URL you entered Google will scan that page and return a list of Keywords that best describe the page, in Google’s eyes. Now here is the best part, the Keywords are actually ordered by “Relevance” this means that the Keyword at the top of the list is the one that Google thinks is most relevant to the URL you entered. This is also very useful for checking your own web pages., and Other Analytics

Here is where you can check extra details about your competitors, you can check what Keywords send them the most traffic and you can also see an overall view of how their website performs. I want to say right now though that the data you find on sites like Alexa and Compete are not 100% accurate however they offer good guidelines to go by.

So if you go to you can search for your competitors website and you should find their site profile from Alexa. The main things you should be concerned with are the Keywords that are driving them the most traffic. But have a look at all the other data about their website, it should give you an insight to how they are doing. is another great analytic tool you can use, although they only show so much data before you are asked to signup to see more. The free data is enough to give you an idea though. Simply just enter the website into one of the “compare” boxes and search. The main results you will be shown are the total monthly visitors to that website and also the Keywords that send the most traffic, which is what you want to take note of.