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Building Your Own Targeted Keyword List

A good start to Mastering Keywords is to set up your own Targeted Keyword list, you don’t even need any Keywords added to it straight away. Just set up a File (preferably spreadsheet) somewhere safe and name it something like “YourSite Targeted Keywords”. Then whenever you do any type of Keyword research or competitive analysis or anytime you every think of a new Keyword that would be good for you add it to the list.

Targeted Keywords

When I say Targeted Keywords I don’t mean single Keywords like “Gardening”, if your website was on gardening that would seem like a good Keyword to aim for. However it is not Targeted and your chances of ranking first for the Keyword Gardening is extremely bad, there is way too much competition for single Keywords. Let’s say your website is on gardening with fruit trees or something, a better Targeted Keyword would be something like “growing fruit trees” or even more Targeted you could have the actual name of certain fruit trees. I don’t know many types so a simple example would be “growing apple trees”, “planting apple trees”, etc or something like that.

I know there are less searches for longer Targeted Keywords but there is also a lot less competition and you will end up receiving more traffic than if you Targeted short Keywords.

Keywords For Your Keywords

Confusing? It is actually quite simple, whenever you find a good Targeted Keyword for your website do a little research on that Keyword and find some other Keywords that Search Engines like Google find relevant. So for every Main Keyword you enter into your “Targeted Keyword List” enter a few sub Keywords for that Main Keyword. Check out “Keyword Research” to learn how to find good Keywords and relevant Keywords.

Constantly Update

I slightly mentioned this above but one thing you want to do is always update your Keyword list. You will not be using all your Keywords on a single page and since you should always be adding content to your website you should also be increasing the amount of Targeted Keywords you try to rank for.

Using Your Targeted Keyword List

Using your Targeted Keywords is just like using any other Keyword, for a full guide on how to use Keywords check out “How To Properly Use Keywords”. Keywords are not only used in the Meta Keyword tag, in fact that is probably the least valuable spot for Keywords. Since search engines don’t rely on what we put in the meta Keywords tag they search the content of your page and determine suitable Keywords from that.

So the best place for you to use your Keywords is throughout the content on your web pages. This includes smartly including your Keywords in the Title Tags, Header Tags and placed throughout the body of the content. As mentioned above you also want to use related Keywords to the Keywords you are trying to rank for, so you need to mix your Keywords throughout. If you haven’t already I recommend reading the “How To Properly Use Keywords” guide.