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How To Use FileZilla To Upload Files To Your Website


FileZilla is one of the best FTP clients available to use for uploading and managing all your files on your Website Hosting Account. FileZilla is easy to use and once you make a connection to one of your websites that connection is saved (unless you remove it), you can use the quick connect feature from then on and simply click on the hosting account you want to connect too, it logs everything needed to login. Another great thing about FileZilla is it’s Open Source, this means that it is free to download and use, and always will be.

FileZilla is a must try for everyone who needs an FTP Client to upload files to your Website/Hosting account.


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Step By Step Guide;

Step 1) Make sure you have downloaded and installed FileZilla, you can download FileZilla Here.

{rokbox title=|Downloading FileZilla.| thumb=|/images/stories/content/rokboxthumb/addnewfullthumb.gif| size=|788 414|}images/stories/content/tools/ftpclient/filezilla_downloadpage.gif{/rokbox}

Step 2) Once you have installed FileZilla, open it and it should look something like this, click the image below to see the pop out image.

{rokbox title=|Full view of FileZilla, freshly installed.| thumb=|/images/stories/content/rokboxthumb/addnewfullthumb.gif| size=|788 414|}images/stories/content/tools/ftpclient/filezilla_fullview.gif{/rokbox}

Step 3) Now for general use we are going to use the “Quickconnect” located at the top of the page. Simply fill in your details for; Host, Ftp Username, Ftp Password, and usually leave Port blank (it will use a default value) unless it doesn’t connect and you know what the port is.

{rokbox title=|Using the Quickconnect feature of FileZilla.| thumb=|/images/stories/content/rokboxthumb/addnewfullthumb.gif| size=|788 414|}images/stories/content/tools/ftpclient/filezilla_quickconnect.gif{/rokbox}

Step 4) When FileZilla connects you should see a list of the files on your Website in the 2 boxes on the right side (in the middle), the files on your computer will be located right beside those on the left. Look at the image below for a better description and understanding of the basic FilleZilla usage.

{rokbox title=|Basic outline of FileZilla's usage.| thumb=|/images/stories/content/rokboxthumb/addnewfullthumb.gif| size=|788 414|}images/stories/content/tools/ftpclient/filezilla_usage.gif{/rokbox}

You can also right click any file/folder on the server and choose “File permissions...” to change the permissions for any of the files.

Step 5) When you finished simply close FileZilla, next time you need to connect to your website again you can simply use the stored “Quickconnect” accounts. Open FileZilla and you should see a little dropdown arrow to the right of the “Quickconnect” button, click that and you should see a list of the previous “Quickconnects” you did, just select the server you want to connect too. The login information is securely stored by FileZilla so that you don’t have to enter it in again, it’s a one click login.

{rokbox title=|Using the Logged Quickconnections for a faster login.| thumb=|/images/stories/content/rokboxthumb/addnewfullthumb.gif| size=|788 414|}images/stories/content/tools/ftpclient/filezilla_loggedconnections.gif{/rokbox}

Additional Information:

That’s all there is to the basic usage of FileZilla, if you have any other tutorials you would like to see on FileZilla or any other Ftp Clients please use the link “Request a Tutorial” from the User Menu on the left.