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Planning Your Content Before You Create Your Website


Once you have a niche it is best to brainstorm and plan what will be on your site, like figuring out your navigation menus, main sections you want to cover of your niche, etc. A good way to do this is to open a word document or grab a pen and paper then write down all the things that come to mind for your niche.

Once you have a nice amount of different things you could talk about, start to sort through them and make a few main headings, like my site I have Pre-Building, Creating, Promotion, etc as main headings. Now start adding all your ideas under the different main headings you have just made, spend some time doing this and adding to it if anything else comes to mind. If you feel you are getting to many things to talk about under one of your headings you can start adding sub headings.

Now if you finished that you should have a structure for your site, this will make it much easier to add content as you go and you won't have to keep changing headings when you are creating your site.

Your sub headings can have other topics you want to talk about under them like some of mine have a few articles under each sub heading. You can structure your site in any way you want this is just an easy way I find.

Getting Ideas

To start with you should have plenty of ideas for content, once you have used up most of those ideas and you are having trouble thinking up new things to write about it’s time to find some ideas. The best way to come up with new ideas is to look at what your competitors are talking about, never copy them though just get ideas.

The best place to start looking for ideas is Google, just search for keywords that relate to your website and see what you can find. Read though some blogs, check out forums, you can even watch videos on YouTube to get some ideas.