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Planning How To Monetize Your Website

If your goals with your website is to earn some money from it then it’s a good idea to put some thought into exactly how you want to monetize it before you start creating your website. This will allow you to make sure your “Monetizing” methods fit nicely into your website, things like Ads, you will need to leave certain areas of your website free to place Ads in.


Every website is capable of making some money with Advertising, for that reason Advertising is one of the most widely used ways to profit from a website. To make things easier in the long run you should consider where (if you are using Ads) you want your Ads to appear throughout your pages. That way you can create your website leaving room where you want to place your Ads later.

Banner Advertising

If you plan on using Banner Advertising then you will have to leave room at the top of your website for that. If you are going to create your website using a Content Management System then you should choose a Template that allows easy placement of Banners.


This won’t apply to many of you but if you Plan on having a Donation button on your website for others to donate money to you, you will need to plan for this also. You should know where you want to place the Donation button before you create your website. It would be a good idea to have the Donation button in a very visible place where it can be seen on every page of your website, this will maximize the amount of Donations you get.

Other Stuff

Basically just put a nice amount of thought into the different ways you want to monetize your website and think of how they will affect your creation. To find out a bunch of different ways you can make money from your website you should read though the “Making Money” Tab, you can find it at the top of the page or select it on the menu to the left.