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How To Check A Niche Will Be Profitable

If you are creating your website with the goal of making some money from it then you should definitely do a little research to see if your Niche is profitable. I would have to say that it is possible to make money in any Niche but some Niche’s are much harder to turn a profit in.

Niche Population

Ok, so the first thing we want to check is how many other website there are that cover the Niche you want to do. This is pretty easy to check, all you do is go to and type in a few different search phrases that you would type in to find the Niche you want to do. Try a handful of different searches to see what comes up.

The purpose of this is to check if there are other website doing the same Niche you want to do. If you cannot find anyone other website covering your Niche this is most likely a bad thing, why? Because if no one else has made a website on that Niche there is a very good chance that there is no money to be made in that Niche. There are so many people trying to make some money online now that pretty much every Niche has been tried.

So what you want to see is a few different websites covering your Niche, this means that there is money to be made in that Niche. If you find that there are heaps of websites covering your Niche and there are also some hugely popular ones then you are best off choosing another Niche. Yes if you see heaps of websites including very popular ones there is most likely a lot of money in that Niche, the problem is that there is way too much competition and it would take a huge amount of work for you to take any money off those already established websites.

Affiliate Product Possibilities

Now we are going to check what type of affiliate products we can find that you would be able to promote on your website. Every Niche will have different affiliate product possibilities, some niches will have much better affiliate products available then others.

So in this step we basically check affiliate product databases to see if there are many affiliate products we can sell on our Niche website. To do this we will check websites like ClickBank, Commission Junction, etc, if you don’t know what those are they are basically websites that you sign up to and can browse through many different affiliate products that sellers have added.

You should start with (click here to go to ClickBank), once you are on the ClickBank site up the top click on the “Marketplace” link.


Now you can either browse the Affiliate Products from the Categories on the left or you can use the search bar up the top. Let’s say you were doing a website on how to grow your own fruit garden, you could either use the categories to find stuff or you could type in some things like fruit, gardening, etc and see what results show. If you find a few things that you think you could promote on your website then your Niche is most likely profitable.

You can check out Commission Junction also (located at and see what type of things they have on there but usually ClickBank will let you know if there are Affiliate Products for your Niche.

Niche Search Volume

Another important factor towards determining if your Niche is profitable is the amount of searches related to your Niche. So basically we want to know how many people search for stuff related to your niche each month, this will give you an idea of the traffic you could receive. Remember the more traffic you can get the more money you can earn.

I will keep this one quick and simple, so we want to go to Google’s Keyword Tool, this is located a Google Keywords. Type in keywords and phrases that you think people would search for to find your website/niche. Keep it simple, for example if we had a website on how to grow a fruit garden you could try keywords like “fruit garden”, “grow fruit garden”, “grow a garden”, etc.

There will be a results list with related keywords and a column showing the average monthly searches related to each keyword. Basically you just want to see a bunch of keywords relating to your niche that have a decent amount of monthly searches, a handful of keywords in the thousands isn’t too bad, anything above that is even better.

Sum It Up

After all this what you are trying to make sure is that you Niche is not hugely populated with other websites or that it doesn’t have any websites at all covering it, you want something in between. You also want to make sure that there are Affiliate Products available, this tells us that there is money to be made in that Niche. Finally you want to make sure there is a decent amount of monthly traffic that search for things related to your Niche.