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Deciding On A Website Creation Method

Since there is a bunch of different ways to actually create a website it is a good idea to know what creation method you want to use before you start trying to create your website. If you are already good with Html and CSS (or any website coding language) then you can create your website by hand to your exact specifications. However since you are reading this and have found my website I am guessing you’re reasonably new to creating websites, so I am going to recommend you create your website without hand coding it, unless you really want to.

Different Ways To Create A Website

The first thing you should do to help you decide what creation method you want to use to create your website is read my article on “The Different Ways To Make A Website”. That article will give you a good idea of the different ways you can create your website which will help greatly in choosing the way you want to make your website.

Determine Exactly What It Is You Want

To more accurately choose how you will create your website you should take a while and think exactly what you want to do with your website. You should think about things like; How many pages do you eventually want, do you want to have memberships/logins/etc, are you trying to make a blog or a content website (Types Of Websites), just think about what it is you want with your website. Once you know what it is you want you should be able to choose a creation method that better suits your needs.

List Of Creation Methods

To help you with this decision I will list all the Creation Methods that I cover on this website here and provide a link to each one. Just click the title to go to the introduction page for that Creation Method.

This website is quite new and the pages for the list below is still being created, please be patient and if you want to know exactly when they come online please sign up to the Newsletter in the top left.

  • Site Build It (Website Builder, plus much more)
  • Joomla (Content Management System)
  • Drupal (Content Management System
  • XSitePro 2 (Website Builder)
  • WordPress (Blogging Software)
  • phpBB (Forum)
  • Html and CSS (Hand Coding)