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Finding A Niche For Your Website

First off for those of you who don't know what a Niche is, simply put it's the topic of your website. If you think that you don't have anything you can make a website about you're wrong. There is always something you can talk about that others wouldn't know about and would like to hear/learn about. With that said you still need to be careful with what topic/niche you choose.

When you think of a Niche market you would like to do, research is always a good thing, have a look around the net and see if you can find other sites on that Niche. If you do find other sites the same as you would like to do, don't panic straight away and say "I'm not doing it it's been done". Seeing that there are sites already on this Niche tells you that people are looking for that stuff.

This is a good thing because you know that you will be able to pull in traffic, if you found no sites at all on your Niche either you are extremely lucky and you will make millions or there is no market for that Niche. Generally it will be that there is no market for it, so it's always a good thing to see some sites doing it.

However if you found that it is saturated with sites and there are also a few hugely popular sites on that Niche it's probably a good idea to choose another, you don't want to compete with thousands of sites or already extremely popular sites.

Find A Niche To Suit You

To be successful online you need to talk about something that you love, know a lot about or something that you are very interested in and would enjoy researching it. Why? Because you will need to know what you're talking about and not mind spending hours writing about it. If you choose a Niche solely because you think there is lots of money to be made in it then you will most likely fail, choose something you won't get bored of quickly.

Now if you don't already know what Niche you want to do here are a few steps that can help you choose one.

  • Write down all your Skills.
    A skill is something that you can do; things like repair cars, write books, knit, etc. Just something that you can actually do, these are great for build Niche websites because you can teach people how to do something, people love sites which easily teach them how to do something.
  • Write down all your Hobbies.
    Hobbies are things that you do for fun like ride a bike, collect stamps, fly remote control planes, etc. If you have a hobby you know lots about and love generally there will be other people like you and making a site about it will give people something to look at.
  • Write down all your Interests.
    This is similar to hobbies but you don't actually do it, you are very interested in it and wouldn't mind learning and writing about it. You don't need to know everything about your Niche before you start your site, if you love it and learn on the way that's fine too.

Ok now look at everything you have written down and pick out something you think you could write a website about. Do a bit of research on what is already out there on that Niche and if there is too much competition choose something else otherwise you have a Niche and ready to start planning content for your site. Check out Planning Content for help.

Money, Money, Money.

If you are building a website to try and generate some type of income from it then you need to really think about the niche you choose. I believe there is money to be made in every niche however the amount of money to be made will vary a lot. You will want to do a little research and some extra thinking about the niche you choose. Check to see what other website you can find on your niche and see what type of stuff they promote, sell, etc. Also you need to find out if there are enough people searching for stuff related to your niche, you can understand why if you have read my Webstie Traffic article.

To find out how much something is searched for you can use a free tool provided by Google and since Google is the biggest and best search engine it's probably a good place to start. Click Google Keywords to go to Google's free keyword search. Now all you need to do is type in the main keywords (it's easier to search one keyword at a time) related to your niche and see how many people search it. I would say anything that gets searches in the tens of thousands is very good and you could easily generate an income from that. When you enter a keyword and complete the search Google will also show you a lot of other related keywords, so if some of the related keywords have a high search volume that's really good too. Even if the main keyword you entered doesn't have a high search volume but some of the related keywords do that is also good. It just means that when people are looking for stuff related to your niche they more often type in that other keyword, so they can still find your website with that other keyword.

So basically if you can find stuff to promote to you visitors and you found that there is a decent amount of people searching for your niche then you can easily make some money.