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How To Choose A Good Domain Name For Your Website

What is a Domain Name

To start off I want to fully clarify what a Domain Name is for those of you who are unsure. A Domain Name is simply the address to your website, this is something like “”. For example the Domain Name for Google is and the Domain Name for YouTube is

A Domain Name is basically used to direct you to the location where the files for the website you are looking at are stored. So .com links you to the location where all the files for Google are stored. If you are interested in exactly how this process works check out “How Websites Work

Domain Name and your Niche/Topic

The Niche/Topic and Domain name of your website play a very close role since search engines typically rate your Domain name quite high, not as high as they use to though. This means that the keywords used in your Domain name will play a big role in what type of search results your website is displayed in and how often it will get shown in the search results. At the same time though you will want your domain name to be easy for visitors to remember and type in.

Choosing the Perfect Domain Name

Choosing the perfect Domain name is not too hard but will take a bit of consideration and time put into it, you need to satisfy both Search Engines and people. So the goal here is to make your Domain name easy to understand and remember but at the same time contain keywords that relate to the Niche of your website.

Only one of each Domain Name can be registered, so if someone registers no one else can use that Domain Name. Keep this in mind when choosing your Domain Name.

A perfect example would be a website about gardening tools with a Domain Name of “” (even, however a Domain Name like that is definitely taken but that is a very good example.

So now you would have to play around with words to try and obtain a Domain Name as close to something like that but at the same time be unique. So you could try things like “”, again many of these other Domain names you come up with have a good chance of being taken so you will have to work at it for awhile.

If there are two sites both on the "Indoor Gardening" niche that are basically as good as each other but their domain names are and The website shown first when someone searches for things related to Indoor Gardening will be, so this can really help you're free traffic from search engines.

Registering a Domain name

There are 2 ways you can obtain a Domain Name; first being that you can purchase a Domain Name from a Domain Registry website and then later manually link your Domain Name to your hosting account. The second way is to purchase your Domain name with your hosting account as a bundle, explained below.

Bundle with Website Hosting Purchase

You can register a Domain Name, purchase a hosting account then manually link the domain name to your hosting account. Doing that is not too difficult however it is much easier if you purchase your Domain Name with your Website Hosting Account, usually the Hosting Company will link the Domain name to your Hosting Account for you. For this I recommend Hostgator and show you how to do exactly that with Hostgator at ***Obtaining Website Hosting.