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What Is The Expected Income From a Website

Initial Nothing Period

One bad thing about creating a website is that there is a “Nothing” period in the money you can generate. Building a website takes time and to begin with you can’t even have visitors until you have your site built and populated with content. If done well that step may take some time and effort. Then depending on the type of website you have built it may even take quite a bit of time before you even earn your first dollar. But don’t worry the long term rewards from a website really outweigh this initial “Nothing” Period.

First Dollar

It may take some time for you to make your first dollar but once you do you have passed the hardest step of making a successful website. The first dollar is the turning point where you are no longer in the “Nothing” period and you are earning money. Yes I know 1 dollar isn’t much to talk about but all you need to do now is grow your traffic and enhance your website and that 1 dollar will turn into more.


Once you pass the 1 dollar mark your website will grow and soon earn 100 dollars then 1000 dollars and as long as you work on it, it will grow. The best thing about a website is that you can take time off and you will still be earning money. Let me explain; If you build your website up to say $1000 a week and this is based off a steady flow of traffic you could take a month off and you will still be earning $1000 a week with very little effort. In most cases if you implement your traffic building techniques right after your month off you could possibly be on even more money each week.


The potential of earning money online is not very limited, with enough work, the right knowledge and the right mind set you can potentially make millions online. There are people that work solely online and earn in excess of 10 million plus a year.

Expected Income

Even though there is a huge potential to make millions this is usually only for a very few amount of people that make it that big. We should really concern ourselves with the more expected income over time. For most people they will earn nothing while they are building and writing content for their website. Once the site is done and online, initially you still won’t make any money. With constant effort in building traffic to your website after around a few months you will likely start to have enough traffic to be making some money. To start with it won’t be too much money but after about 6 months to a year your website could potentially be making you a few thousand a month or more. With constant work and dedication within a few years your website could be making you thousands each week with little or no input from you. Maintaining the income for you website will involve very little effort in most cases (if any effort at all).


Disclaimer: This is just a rough guide to show you some expected incomes you may see. The information on this page does not guarantee that you will earn anything at all, you have to understand that everyone’s conditions are different.