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How Do You Receive Money You Earn From A Website

Most (if not all) websites are capable of making money, some more than others but if you are to be earning money with your website how do you receive that money? Receiving money online is not hard but usually you will be getting paid from many different locations, especially if you promote multiple affiliate products. There are generally only 3 methods that you will be paid in.

  1. PayPal
    PayPal is massive it's almost accepted everywhere credit cards are (online though). It's very easy to move money around with PayPal on the internet and it's also instant. Personally I like receiving payment through PayPal as you get your money faster and it's just easy. You can link your PayPal account to your bank account and transfer the money you receive through PayPal to your bank. If you don't have a PayPal account yet you should get one, just go to Also PayPal hides all your personal information, people send money to your account name (the email account you sign up with) so it’s very safe using PayPal.
  2. Check
    Some places will only pay you via check, which payment is made out to either you or your company name (which ever you tell them to), checks are then sent by mail to you. Checks usually take longer to receive especially if you are in another country and once received you have to deposit them at your bank.
  3. Direct Deposit 
    Lastly some companies will deposit your money directly into your bank. This is a nice option but generally takes a few days to clear before you can use the money. However not that many companies actually pay you this way there are only a few and usually it's the larger companies.

You will not be able to just claim your payments whenever you want them, normally companies only make payments once or twice a month. You can expect to be paid in one of these three ways, in some cases all three.