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How Do You Earn Money From A Website

To earn money with a website you are firstly going to need a website with content and traffic (people visiting your site).  Once you have that there are many ways to make money and no you don't need any solid product or service to sell in order to make money, although that is one way. I'm not going to go through every method of making money online as my point here is to tell you how you earn money with a website. I'll list the general ways you will make money with a website.


This would be one of the most well known ways to make money with a website, you have all been to a website that has ads posted all over it. There are a few different ways you can get paid with advertising;

PPC (Pay per Click)
This is where you place ads on your site and whenever someone clicks one of the ads you get a small payment. The amount you get per click depends on a few things like what niche you're in, who the PPC is through and how much that keyword is selling for.

CPM (Cost per Thousand)
Now I know "Cost per Thousand" would be CPT but Instead of ‘T' they use the roman numeral for  "Thousand" which is M, so it's CPM. This is where you are paid per impression meaning that you are paid for how many times the ad is shown on your page and being per thousand you usually only get paid for each 1000 impressions.

There are more ways you can use advertising but you should get the point from those two.

Become an Affiliate

An affiliate is when you promote someone else's product and drive people to their site. You will be given a special affiliate link that you send people through that lets the seller know that person came from you. When someone you send to their site purchases their product you get a commission of the sale. The amount you get per sale changes depending on the percentage they are offering per sale and the price of the product being sold. How much you get will change heaps for different products and different companies/people.

Selling a Product

You can also sell products directly from your site, these can be physical products that you ship or e-products like e-books or videos that can be downloaded after purchase. These can be either products you made or something you bought.

That is three very popular ways of making money with a website although there are many more ways of making money with a website this will get you started. Once you're ready to learn more ways to make money with your site check out the Making Money Tab.