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What Is Website Traffic

To start with I want to quickly clarify what Website Traffic is for those of you who are unsure exactly what it is. Website Traffic is a measurement of the people who view a website, if I had 500 people visit my website today that would mean my Website Traffic is 500 for today.

Traffic is like money to a bank, if a bank doesn't have any money it's not really a bank and it is unable to operate without money. What is a website with no one visiting, you don't write a book just so you are the only person to read it. A website needs traffic, people to read the articles, sign up to your newsletter, buy a product you are selling or promoting, etc.

How Much Traffic Do You Need?

Well this all depends on the purpose of your site, if you want to make money you will want as much targeted traffic as you can get. Notice I said "targeted" traffic, if you are making a site to sell stuff on building and maintaining computers do you want people (traffic) that are looking at how to feed fish. If someone wants to know how to feed a fish and gets to your site from one of your "Building Traffic" methods there not going to buy a product on building a computer.

So whatever methods you are using to make money on your website the more traffic you get the more money you will make. You can learn more about Traffic and how to build it in the Building Traffic section.

If your building a website to try and get an income then you will basically be paid in proportion to how many visitors you get. If you can increase the average traffic you get each week that means you will theoretically get a pay rise each week. No matter how much you are earning a pay rise every week would be very nice.

If you are building a forum website to try and form a community about a certain topic the more traffic you get the faster your community will grow and the bigger it will become. So you can see traffic is important with every type of website, so get as much of it as you can.