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There Are Many Different Ways To Make A Website

I have mentioned this a few times, there are many different ways to make a website, hand coding is only one way and it is also the hardest. If you are new to websites and you just want to create your own website for any reason then I recommend NOT hand coding your website. Let’s take a look at some of the ways to create a website without you having to know any type of coding at all.

Even though there are many different ways to create a website the way you create yours will be greatly determined by what type of website you are wanting to create.

Content Management System’s

Content Management System is usually shortened to CMS so from now on I will use CMS to save me typing it out every time. A CMS is a web application that you can install onto your website that will basically handle the entire website for you. A good example of a CMS would be Joomla, Joomla is the most popular CMS available and it’s free.

To give you an example of a Joomla Website just look at this site you are on now, yep this website is managed by Joomla. All you do is install Joomla to your website, tell it what template to use (which determines the look/style of your site) then you just add content, all without coding anything. There is so much more Joomla can do but that should give you an idea, to find out more about Joomla check out “Joomla a Content Management System (coming soon)”.

Note: Joomla is also Open Source which means that it is 100% free for you to download and use.

Site Build It (SBI)

Site Build It (shortened to SBI) is many things but a major part of SBI is the website builder it comes with that makes creating your website very easy. If your goal is to create a website to generate a passive income of money then I suggest you learn more about SBI, check out “**Site Build It Explained**(coming soon)”.

Blogging Software

You have most likely seen a Blog, does the word WordPress mean anything to you? There are plenty of different Blogging applications out there but WordPress is by far the best and most popular. WordPress is pretty similar to Joomla but it’s focused at Blogging, if you are unsure what a Blog is check out “Types of Websites”. Like a CMS WordPress runs your website for you all you do is install it then specify what you want it to do, you don’t code anything, it’s all point and click. You can learn more about WordPress, learn how to install and use it within the “Creating” Section.

Website Builders

Website Builders can vary slight from definition to definition but I think of a website builder as an application you can use to build a website (mainly from a point and click style). Website Builders usually don’t require you do know any coding either, you simply pick out a template that you like and start adding stuff to the pages. Every time you create a new page it will simply reuse the template you selected. When you are finished most Website Builders (ones you run on your own PC) have a feature that will upload all the files for your website to your website hosting account for you.

There are many different Website Builders out there, ones you can run on your own PC and then upload all the files once you are ready and there are others that you can run online (most free sites are like this, free sites are not recommended though) SBI also uses an online website builder and it’s recommended.


Like Blogging and CMS’s forums are simply a web application that you install to your website and everything is handled/managed for you. I’m going to take it that everyone knows what a Forum is, if not check out “Types of Websites”.  Once you have installed your Forum all you do is change the settings to meet your requirements and pick out a good template, it’s that simple.

Hand Coding

Hand coding a website is another way to make a website, yes it does give you the most control over you website out of all the ways of creating a website. However it is also the hardest way to make a website and would involve a huge learning curve and take up a lot of your time. In most situation you will be able to make your website without having to hand code any of it.