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The Different Types Of Websites

In order to create your website you will need to know what type of website you want to make. Go back to the early stages of the internet and a website was no more than a few pages of text, in the past years websites have come very far. There are quite a few different types of websites now and knowing them will help you decide what you want to make.

Note: These are basically separated into what I define the different sites as.

Content sites

Content sites are very common and are made up of many pages, usually on the same topic. For an example this site is a content site and has heaps of information on websites. Content sites are used for many different things but some of the main uses are for how to sites, information sites, larger business sites, etc. Content sites allow you to order your pages anyway you want.


These have become very popular over the past few years, it seems everyone has a blog now. A blog is similar to a content site but is set out a bit differently and is usually just constant posts on a topic. Blogs are generally updated frequently and pages are usually ordered into categories, archives, etc. This type of site is very popular for people who want to keep adding posts about a topic and always have new stuff they want to talk about (usually on topic).


If you want to build an interactive community online and allow everyone to talk to each other a Forum will be great for this. A forum is a site that lets people sign up and post questions or just general things they want to talk about and everyone in the community can reply. You can use forums as your whole website or as an addition to your website so that people can talk about stuff they see on your site. Having just a forum on your site will be hard to get people to start posting and visit your site as you offer nothing else, I’m not saying don’t do it just be cautious.

Shopping Sites

A Shopping Site is where you have a store but everything is online. This is great for people who want to start a store and work on their own as you won’t need any sales people, all you need to do is ship something once it’s bought. It’s also a great idea for current shops to allow all their stock to be bought online and then shipped to the customer’s door. Doing this can greatly increase your potential customers. The more people you can get to visit your online store the more money you can make.

Mini Sites

Mini Sites generally only contain a few pages and are usually used for a brief overview of a topic, business, etc. Mini sites are good for businesses that want to have their presence known on the internet but don’t have heaps of pages to post or a lot to talk about. Types of pages seen on Mini Sites are the homepage, contact page, services offered, pricing, overview, etc it all depends on what the site is for.

Mini Sites are also used selling individual products (like a sales page), landing pages, other good example is when you buy a domain name that is similar to your sites domain name for the sole purpose of redirecting traffic that got the wrong address to your site.


Now there are a few other types of website that don’t fit perfectly into the types above and are less likely to be created by the average person. I am referring to websites like YouTube, which is a massive Community website that is focused around videos from users. Then there are websites like Facebook, massive community websites where friends can interact with each other. There are other sites too but these type of websites have an extreme amount of work put into them constantly, it is highly recommend to not even think about making a website like YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, etc.

I hoped those explanations helped you decide what type of site you will be creating. If it is your first site you would not likely be using a mini site, unless you are trying to sell a single product. The most common selections for new people learning how to create a website would be content sites and blogs, with shopping sites coming in third.