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Skills Required To Make A Website

A lot of people don't try to make a website because they tell themselves "I don't have the right skills to build a successful website" or "I can't code a website" but that is not true at all. To become successful on the internet doesn't require any type of coding knowledge or computer expertise, you simply need to enjoy it and be willing to learn a few things.

Is Passion A Skill?

Well actually one thing that you definitely need to succeed with a website is a passion, something you will be able to write heaps of good interesting content about. You don't even need to know everything about you passion (niche/topic) because you can learn about it as you write your site. If you choose something you don't like you'll probably get bored and give up before you finish or not learn enough about it to even start your site.

"But I still don't know how to code a site"

Coding Optional

To be honest there are probably hundreds of sites you have been too that look really professional and hard to code, but the webmaster/creator didn't code it by hand. There are a lot of ways to get really good looking sites that are well structured without knowing how to code any part of it. This is done using pre built Content Management Systems (CMS), Blog software like WordPress which isn't just for blogs, you can even get templates already coded and add your stuff, and many other ways. Go here to learn more about How to make a website.

Any skills that you will actually need like promoting your site or how to set up a site without knowing how to code it, you can find on this site.