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Making Your Own Product To Sell Online

Why Sell a Product Online

There are many benefits to creating and selling your own product, the first of course is the potential to earn heaps of money. Depending on the quality of your product (which it should be good quality) you will also gain a great deal of credibility in your market/niche. Even if you are a full time Affiliate Marketer, ignoring the money earned from selling a product, the credibility you gain from selling a high quality product will greatly increase the sales of your Affiliate Products.

When you own and sell your own product you can also create an Affiliate Program that others can join and sell your product for you, with them receiving a commission. This has huge potential and you can make crazy amounts of money with some else doing all the work for you.

What Type of Product to Sell

When I think of a Product only two types of Products come to mind, Physical Products and Digital Products. Physical Products refer to things that are made out of actual material and you can hold in your hand, touch, etc. Digital Products are those that are made entirely on a computer and don’t need to be shipped, handled, etc (excluding CDs, DVDs, etc) and it takes nothing to make another copy. For this reason Digital Products have much more potential when selling a product online, you can sell as many products as possible and you never have to ship anything or produce anything (after the initial Product is created).

Check out “Digital Product vs Physical Product” for a closer look between the two.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t sell a Physical product, you need to sell what best suits your Niche. If you have an idea for a Physical product that will sell well in your Niche by all means go ahead with it, I was just stating the benefits of a Digital Product.

Creating Your Own Product

In order to sell a product you are going to need to create one, this step isn't too hard but it will take some consideration and planning to make it successful. Telling you how to create a product isn't a simple one paragraph tutorial, that's why I have a page dedicated to helping you create a product, check out Creating a Product.

Selling Your Product

Once you have created a product it is time to learn how to sell it, in order to sell as much as you can you will need a good sales page. Again explaining what's involved in selling a product needs more than one paragraph so check out Selling the Product for a more detailed page.