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How To Sell Your Own Product Online

Once you have a product to sell you will need to set up a way to actually sell it. This isn't too hard and can be done a few different ways.

Sales Page

The first thing you will need is a page to promote and sell your new Digital Product, if you already have a website on the same Niche then you can add the sales page onto that or you can create a unique website just for the product.

A sales page is basically just a single page that is dedicated to explaining and promoting your product. You want to try and get as many people that visit the sales page to buy the product, so you will need to be persuasive.

Throughout the page you will want multiple "Buy it now" buttons to give the potential buyer a number of chances to buy your product. There are a few ways you can set up a buy it now button, you can use PayPal or use a third party merchant that handles receiving payment and delivering the Digital Product to the buyer.

How much to charge?

How much to charge for your product depends on what it is, if it's an eBook you don't want to charge too much. On the other hand if it's Software then you can probably charge a little more depending on what it does.

For most eBooks you will be looking from around $15 and up depending on the size and quality of your book. If you have over 100 pages of good quality information you can probably look at charging something like $30-$40.

Videos and audio products will probably be in about the same price range and again depending on the size and quality. If however you combine all three to make a very good quality product that cover the topic in great detail then you can look at charging a lot more for it.

Setting up Affiliates

Having other people sell your Digital Product for you can dramatically increase your buyers and is something everyone selling a Digital Product should do.

There are a few different ways you can set up an Affiliate Program. You can use a third party merchant like "1ShoppingCart" or "ClickBank" to run the Affiliate Program for you, they manage things like tracking sales, scheduling payment, etc and then they send you your profit once all the hard works done.