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How To Create Your Own Digital Product To Sell Online

I explained in " Selling a Digital Product Vs Physical Product" why creating a digital product was more beneficial, so now I'm going to explain how you should go about making a digital product. What digital product to make depends on your Niche, most the time it is a very good idea to start with an EBook.

Why an EBook?

I recommend making an EBook at first because it is a much easier product to make and a well written EBook can be very helpful to your audience. You can write an EBook on just about anything and you don't have to go all out crazy on your first EBook and make it 800 pages. The good thing about EBooks is you can write it any size you want, as long as the information is good and informing, however you will want to scale the price with the size of the book and amount of effort put into it.

You won't sell many EBooks if its only 20 pages and you're asking $100, not unless it's some ultra secret information that nobody else knows.

Anyone can Create an EBook

For that matter anyone can create a digital product, you can even create an EBook and then turn it into a Video and sell both separately, audio book too. If you are dedicated enough and work at it you can create an EBook pretty quickly, everyone knows something that someone else doesn't and people are willing to spend money to learn what they don't know. For instance say you're good at Soccer and know that you could explain to someone how to improve their game. That is a great topic for an EBook and people that love Soccer might buy it to improve their game, not everyone is that good at Soccer. From that example you should see that it's easy to be able to write a book.

Brainstorming for a Topic

If you are still having trouble deciding on what type of Niche to write a book on or just what type of book to write then I'll try and help. First if you already have a website/blog then it is a good idea to use that Niche.

Now grab a pen and paper, and write down a list of all your skills, hobbies and interests, spend a bit of time on this and think hard. For those of you who already have a Niche write down every topic you know about that Niche.

Once done order the list you wrote from what you enjoy the most, know the most about or would prefer to write about. Now you are probable better off choosing one of the first five items in your list to write a book about. However this is just a quick method and you should put some thought into this, decide which would be the easiest for you to write a book on and which you could explain well.

Constructing the Product

With EBooks it is commonly understood that they are in PDF format, it's a good idea to have your EBooks in PDF as your buyers will expect it to be and prefer it that way. Actually writing the book will take some time and effort if you want to do it properly.

You should take some time and plan out all the content you would like to cover in the book. Looking back at the Soccer example, you could cover things like ankle exercises, what to look for in a boot, how to position your foot to kick the ball, how to do certain tricks, etc. looking at it you could even do a whole book about Exercises for Soccer.

You are probably best off writing the book in a word application like "Microsoft Word" and once finished you can use a converter to change the book from the Office document into a PDF. Since actually buying the Adobe program for writing PDF's is quite expensive it's best to use Word first or even (they offer a full Office suite that is actually pretty good).

Visual Packaging

You might have noticed that most EBooks for sale online have an image used to represent the EBook that looks like an actual hard cover book. This is used to give the potential buyer the idea that it's an actual book, which technically it is. It has been proven that using images to represent your EBook can really increases sales.

You can create these EBook covers yourself but if you can afford it getting an actually EBook cover designer to do it for you can make a huge difference to the quality of the EBook cover.

You can find Free EBook Cover Templates here.

The template is just an outline and you need to fill in the image yourself but it helps a lot.

You can also search for free EBook cover generator