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How To Make Money Online Offering A Service

If you are good at something like creating Photoshop images, designing Flash animations, Proof reading Content, etc then you have a service that you can offer people. When there is something someone needs done and they either find it too hard or just don't want to waste their time they usually look to others to do it at a cost. If you are good at doing something that you know other would pay for then you have a service you can offer.

How to offer Services

You can make your entire website around offering your service or you can add it in as an extra way of making a bit of money. If you are running a web designing business then you could have a website that solely promotes your "Web Designing" service. The type of service you have to offer will depend whether you should have a website dedicated to promoting it or simply add it to your website for extra income.

You can also go to a "Freelance" website and offer your services there. A Freelance website is where people with services go to either offer a service or see what projects that people are offering. Usually people that need something done they will go to a Freelance site and create a "Project" that describes what they need done. The Freelancers (people with skills offering their service) view the projects then bid on them, you bid how much you will charge to do the project, different freelance websites will work differently.

A few good Freelancer websites are:

How much to charge?

How much to charge will rely on things like the service you offer, how much demand for it there is and how many people can do it. If your service usually requires a lot of studying and learning involved to be able to do whatever it is then you can charge a lot more. On the other hand if your service is writing quick articles on any topic then you probably won't be able to charge all that much per article. Article writing is actually quite a saturated service for the lower quality quick articles. However if you where very good at writing articles and they were of a very high quality then you can charge more.

So you can see that it really depends on the type of service and quality of your work that will determine how much you can charge.