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Optimizing AdSense Ad Placement For Better Results

Ad placement on a website is usually overlooked and underrated, however simple changes to where you have your ad and how you show it can dramatically impact your income from that ad. With that said there is no real best spot to place your ads as it depends on your website, so instead of saying it's best to put your ads here I'll help you to determine your own "best" spot. There will be quite a bit of testing involved in order to maximize your AdSense income.

Above the fold

When someone visits one of your pages you want your ad to be visible even if they don't scroll down at all, so you want to have an ad above the fold. The part of your website that is seen the most is the part that is shown when the page loads without scrolling, this section is referred to as "Above the fold". Since the most seen part of your website is "Above the fold" then you definitely want an ad placed there as it will get seen much more than an ad that a visitor has to scroll before they see it, not everyone scrolls before they go to a new page. You will still want to place other ads lower down the page also, that way when a visitor does scroll down your page they are presented with more ads.

Above Primary Content

In general for most websites it is found that ads placed above the primary content of the page receive more attention, this is because visitors have to look past the ads to see the content on the page. Now the size of the ad you place here will depend on your goals, for example I don't like placing ads before my content starts as it gets in the road of my visitors reading my content. This website is focused on helping others so I don't want to force ads in their face, I do use advertising methods but no forceful ones that interrupt any of my content. So you have to think about your goals with your website to determine what type of ads you place before the primary content. If you goal is money and you're not stressed about your website's reputation all that much then yes placing ads there will generate a larger income.

Where content is most interesting

This one is basically self explanatory, where your content is most likely to capture the reads interests and make them more likely to click on related ads is a great spot to place a small AdSense ad. Of course you made need to do a bit of testing to find out the spot where users are most interested, it's always a good spot to start where you think is the most interesting then just move it around a bit and keep track of which point is getting more clicks.

Google Heat Map

Google have made a "Heat Map" available, they did their own testing to find the spots that ads where clicked more often. Now you need to remember that this is on average for most sites so this may not apply 100% to your site but it's a good place to start. Here is a link to Google's Heat Map.

The key to finding the best place for your ads is testing, use the information above to place a few ads and track how many clicks there getting (in relation to how much traffic your getting) then move the ad to a new location and track it there. Keep moving the ads around the page until you find the best position. There have been cases where people doubled their AdSense income overnight simply by moving the location of there ad. So remember test, test, test.