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How To Setup And Use Your Own Goolge AdSense Account

Signing up with Google AdSense

In order to use AdSense you must first make an account with them, all you need to do is go to Google AdSense and "Sign up now", there will be a bit of information for you to fill out. Once you have submitted your information it may take some time for your account to be activated as it usually has to be approved.

Knowing Google's Policies

Before you start adding AdSense to your website I recommend reading and learning the Google AdSense Program Policies. You should follow these Policies as Google can ban you permanently at any time without warning if you don't follow the Policies. So it's a very good idea to learn and follow these Policies.

Creating an Ad

Once your account is active you should create an "Ad". To do this log in and select "AdSense Setup" from the top navigation, "Get Ads" will be shown and is what we want. Now there are a few different Ad options but we want to create "AdSense for Content" as these are the general Ads for your content websites.

Now you can choose from "Ad unit" and "Link unit" you can see the examples on the right, for this first Ad let's just select "Ad unit", now click "Continue".

Here you get to chose the size and look of the Ad, you can change the size and shape of the Ad from the Format pull down menu, you can change the colour of each section (border, title, etc) by clicking on the colour box beside each one or typing in the Hex colour code, you can also chose Palettes (premade styles). Once done you can click "Preview this AdSense unit" to see exactly what the Ad will look like. You can also change the Font and Corner Styles, when done click "Continue"

You will need to add your new Ad to a Channel, channels are used to separate your different Ads so that you can individually track each Ad, if you don't have a channel click "Add new channel". You can select up to five channels. If you would like to know more information about Channels click the "Learn more..." link on that page. Once done click "Continue"

Now you need to enter the name of this new AdSense Ad, this is for your purpose only and is not shown in the Ad. When ready click "Submit and Get Code".

Your new Ad is created, simply copy the code in the "Your AdSense unit code:" box and insert it where you want the Ad to show on your website.

Inserting Code

Adding the AdSense code is very easy, once you have copied it all you need to do is find the spot on your website and paste it there. If you are using a CMS, a Blog, Forum, etc you can try and find a Plugin that helps manage AdSense Ads. For CMS's like Joomla and Drupal there are heaps and for Blogs like WordPress there are plenty of Plugins to help with AdSense management.