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Common Google AdSense Mistakes To Avoid

If you read my other AdSense articles then you would have a good idea on how to use AdSense and where to place the ads. Now is a good time to learn what not to do with AdSense.

Clicking your own ads

This one won't get you less click from other people, in fact you will earn more money this way. The only issue is you won't get that money, Google are very smart and if you try to get more money by clicking your own ads you will be banned from using AdSense than you will get no money at all. Clicking your own ads is a very bad idea and will quickly get you banned so avoid the temptation.

Writing your Website Aimed at AdSense

This one is more for people that don't have a website yet and are planning on making one aimed at making money from AdSense. This will work against you, the best way to make money with AdSense is to write your site for your visitors and ignore AdSense. After all it's your visitors that click the ads so if you're not writing to interest them then why would they click ads or comeback, returning visitors means more clicks.

Placing too many Ads

This is a common mistake, some people think that the more ads they place and cover all over their content they will get heaps more clicks. Well no this doesn't work, what do you do when you go to a site and all you see is ads everywhere and the content is hard to find, I leave. When people can easily identify ads they tend to ignore them, especially when all they get to see is ads. You want to make your ads blend in a bit and have the content visible, trying to make the ads look like part of the content is the best way.

Note: It's very important not to click your own ads, pay anyone to click your ads or use some program made to click your ads for you. Any unauthorized clicks that are not from genuine visitors gets you an instant ban from AdSense and trust me Google will know.