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Earn Money By Accepting Donations On Your Website

Collecting Donations

donationCollecting donations on your website is a viable way of earning money with your website. You simply place a "Donate" link on your website and whenever a visit feels like donating money they click the link. Usually people will donate money to sites that have helped them in some way or another. Sites like PayPal allow you to easily add a Donate button to your website, you can easily see and track how much money is being donated.

When should you add a Donation Button to your Website

Anyone can add a donation button to their website but when should you is what you should think about. If you are asking people to donate money to you then you should be offering them some kind of free information or program that is likely to help them. You don't want to add a "Donation Button" to a website where you selling a product, why would someone donate, why should they. If you are only offering them something to buy there is no reason for them to donate and you shouldn't add a donation button to that kind of site.

How much can you make from Donations?

The amount someone donates will depend on how much you have helped them and what type of help it was. In general you won't really make too much money from donations, you can however recoup the costs of your hosting for your website. That said some sites are capable of making a lot of money from donations, if you have a very good educational site that helps many people learn and improve on something and its popular you are likely to receive a lot more donations. So again traffic also plays a large part in the amount you can receive.

If you want to start receiving donations I would recommend setting up a donation button and giving that a go. If you give something away for free you can always say "Donations are appreciated" or something like that.