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What Is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate_MarketingAffiliate marketing is simply you making money selling someone else's product or service. It is one of the best ways to make money online without having anything to sell and you also never have to deal with any customers.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

When someone has a product to sell (or service) they can create an affiliate program, then anyone can join that affiliate program and help sell their product. When you join an affiliate program you are given a unique URL (link) that you send traffic through, when someone you send through your link buys the product you are given a commission. Commissions can range anywhere from around 5% of the product price all the way up to 75% of the product price (even higher sometimes), this varies depending on the product. Digital goods like eBooks and programs usually offer higher commission as there is no physical product and each sale the buyer is sent a download link. Affiliate programs are great for you and the seller as you send him a sale for let's say $100 (for a digital product) and the commission is 50% so you give the seller $100 and he gives you $50, you both just made $50. That's why sellers love affiliates and usually give out high commission, which is great for you too, getting paid nicely just to promote a product.

Some affiliate programs offer recurring commission meaning that if you get someone to buy what they are selling they will pay you multiple times. This is usually for products that have a monthly (or any recurring payments) cost to use and you get a percent of each payment the customer makes.

Who Should Promote Affiliate Products?

If you own a content website or a blog then promoting an affiliate product could work very well for you. Of course it is always good to promote a product that you have used (or reviewed) yourself so that you can give your visitors a good review and a reason to buy the product. I would have to say that it's a good idea (if you're after money) for everyone that doesn't have a product of their own to sell to join an affiliate program. If you are selling your own product on a website you would want to carefully consider how it would affect your product sales if you added an affiliate product to your website.

Choosing an Affiliate Program is important so it is very important to “Find The Right Affiliate Program”.