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Using In-Line/In-Text Advertising On Your Website

What is In-Line Advertising?

In-Line Advertising is usually a PPC method of Advertising but instead of having allocated Ad space the Ads are integrated into your content. You may have seen it on sites before, throughout the content there are certain words that get highlighted differently. When you mouse over (sometimes need to click) the highlight words an ad will display. When one of this highlighted words/phrases are click you receive a small amount of money.

Should you use it?

Now I know I use the word "depends" a lot but its true this all depends on your goals with your website. I myself don't really find In-Line Ads appealing, it interrupts the content in my opinion. But it can increase your income as there are more possibilities for your visitors to click an Ad. So it's really up to you, are you willing to have a possibility of your website losing some reputation in order to increase your income.

How much money can be made with it?

Again this depends, it does add a lot more links on your pages that visitors can click on potentially increasing your income. How much you make though is determined in pretty much the same way PPC is determined. You income from this advertising will be affected by your Traffic, CTR (Click Through Rate) and your CPC (Cost Pre Click).

Where to find In-Line Advertising Network

Like usual you can find them buy searching for "In-line Advertising Network". This type of advertising isn't as popular and isn't found on too many sites but if you're after money then you should test it out if you're interested. Below is a list to get you started, if you do find it works well for you and you want to go further then I suggest search around for other In-Line Advertising Networks and test which ones make you more money.


Chitika Linx

Kontera Context Links

Now if you are after maximizing your income from your website then you should give In-Line Advertising a go.