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Profit From Selling Advertising Space On Your Website


Selling Banner Advertising Space

This is similar to CPM Advertising although you mange it yourself and you usually sell a certain space on your website for a fixed price and given time. For example let's say you have an area on the right side of your website (say 120 by 600, which is called a skyscraper banner) and you want to sell this space to make some more money. You can then sell this space to someone wanting to advertise on your website for $X for a month. You don't need to track how many clicks the Ad gets or how many impressions and you set your own price.

By saying Selling Banner Space I don't just mean a Banner with pictures, you can sell text link Ads too, you can sell any type of Advertisement for the given space.

Don't just sell a Text Link to someone's website, it has to be an Ad. Otherwise it would be classified as selling a link, Google doesn't like this as it's often used to try and get more links to someone's site in order to get higher on Google's results.

Should You Sell Space on Your Website?

This is a question you will have to determine the answer too. There isn't really a restriction to what type of website you need in order to sell banner space. However when you try to sell space on your website you will have to manage everything, the placing of the Ad the payment, when to remove the ad and new Ads when someone else wants to buy the space.

It can sometimes be quite hard to sell a given space on your website as you need to find someone interested in buy it. If your website isn't too popular then you probably won't find a buyer any time soon. On the other hand if you have a high populated website you might make more money and have many buyers wanting that space.

You could also use this space for PPC Ads or CPM Ads, which you will need to determine which will make more money. So it really comes done to personal preference. Do you want to have full control over how much you get for your Ads and control what ads get shown, this requires more work and can lead to lower income. But sometimes it can also lead to higher income, I have to say that it is probably best to use other advertising methods to start with. When you site gets a lot larger you can start to look at this type of Advertising.

How Much Money to Ask for?

This really depends on the type of site you have and how much traffic you are receiving. Of course the higher your traffic the more you can demand and sites on Niche's that have more Advertising competition can demand more too. You can work it out on a CPM kind of method, multiply your traffic for the time of the Ad by a value higher than what you would get using CPM advertising. Why higher than a CPM Ad? Well if you charged the same amount you would be better off just using CPM Ads.

How to Find Buyers For Your Space

There are a few ways to try and find a buyer for your Space. To start with you will need a reasonably high traffic website and it's also important to have a focused website (meaning sticking to a certain Niche). Having a nice looking, neat website will help a lot too. You will want to make an Advertise here page that people wanting to advertise on your website can view and read what you have to say about advertising on your website.

Since you may have to actually go looking for a potential buy of Advertising Space on your website it would help if you made a template email that you send to different people/company. The email should contain things like your name, your website, explain that you have contacted them in order to offer them your advertising space, either link them to your "Advertise here" page that describes your Traffic, Niche, etc or explain that in the email too. Any other information that they would need to know if they wanted to advertise on your website.