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Using Popup Advertising To Earn More Money From Your Website

What is Pop up Advertising?

Have you ever been to a website that has a pop up box appear before you can use the site, or the pop up covers the content so you either have to read it or close it. This is Pop up advertising, you can also have them pop up when you try to close a page. It is an effective way to get ads shown to your visitors but at what cost. This is where we come to the question of who should use it:

Who should use Pop up Advertising?

I'll say it now, Pop up Advertising is definitely not for everyone. If your sole goal with your website is to make as much money as possible then you can play around with Pop up Advertising. However for most of you I don't recommend using Pop up Ads, many visitors will find them very annoying and it has a high potential to hurt your fan base.

So you can experiment with them if you aren't too phased by what your visitors think and you aren't trying to build a reputation.

How much can be made?

Yes you are likely to make money from Pop up Ads, only because they are shoved in the face of your visitors. But the amount you make will be hindered due to that fact that many internet users have Pop up blockers (although there are new pop ups that get around this). But nevertheless it will increase your income in the short term but it may also decrease it long term as you lose visitor loyalty. So it's a tough call whether to use Pop up Advertising or not, but it's your call, if you're not planning on having the website too long and it’s just here for quick money then yes this method will help.

Where to find Pop up Advertising Networks

As I always say you can find any Advertising Network but searching for them, simply search for "pop up advertising" or something along those lines. For those of you who want to test Pop up advertising with your website I have listed a few Networks below that do Pop up Advertising.



You can also create your own Pop up Ads for things like a Sale’s Page or an Opt in Page.