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Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising With Websites Explained

What is PPC Advertising?

ppc_advertisingPPC is one of the most common advertising methods used today and it stands for "Pay Per Click". What this means is that when you have PPC Advertisement on your website and someone clicks on that Ad you get paid. It doesn't matter how many visitors view the Ad you only get paid when someone clicks on it. PPC Advertising is a nice way to make extra money from your website by filling up free space. PPC Ads can be either text or image, lately text ads have been more popular. PPC Ads can be placed pretty much anywhere on your site (depending on the advertiser), however you cannot ask your visitors to click the Ads so that you get more money, this usually results in a ban from the advertisers.

How much can you make with PPC Advertising?

How much you make with PPC Ads really depends on a few factors, the most important would probably be your Traffic, then CTR (Click Through Rate) followed by CPC (Cost Per Click), this is in my view. I say Traffic is most important because it doesn't matter how much you're getting per click or what percentage of people are clicking it if you don't have much Traffic you can only earn so much.

The amount you earn regardless of CTR or CPC will scale with your Traffic. Second place goes to CTR as once you have a decent amount of Traffic it is important to have a higher percentage of that Traffic clicking on your Ads, the more that click the more you earn. Thirdly, only by a fraction, is CPC, the amount you get each click will change the amount you earn dramatically (if you have a nice Traffic flow and a decent CTR) however you don't really have any control over how much you get per click.

Your CPC depends on the type of Ads being shown, which depends on the type of niche you are in. No matter what niche you are in the amount you get each click will vary quite a bit, anywhere from $0.05 a click to a few dollars.

You could show Ads that have a higher CPC but this would most likely lower you income anyway, why? Because your CTR would be lowered dramatically. You will get much more clicks when the Ads are related to your Niche.

So I can't really say how much exactly you would earn from PPC Advertising but I can say that if you have a nice amount of constant Traffic then PPC Ads have the potential to make you a nice passive flow of money. If used well and you have a good CTR and high Traffic you could be looking at a few thousand a month, some cases for the lucky ones you can earn even more.

Don't get upset or frustrated if you are only earning a few hundred, that's actually pretty good. To start with most website will only earn a very small about, a lot under $100 a month but don't give up, keep testing and constantly try to increase your Traffic and CTR and you will make more every month.

Who should use PPC Advertising?

PPC Advertising is not for everyone, although I do recommend it for pretty much anyone that wants to make a passive income. PPC Advertising is great for Blogs and Content Websites, as those sites don't usually sell products or services so it's a good way to generate an income without selling anything.

I don't recommend using PPC Ads on any website/page where you are selling a product or service. If you are offering something for sale the last thing you want to do is send your potential buyers away to someone else's website where there selling something. It's fine to have Ads on other pages of your site that offer content but you should also think are you better using PPC Ads or Advertising your own product/service in that ad space.

Where to find PPC Advertisers

It isn't too hard to find PPC Advertisers as you can just search for PPC Adverting in a search engine. There are many PPC Advertisers out there and of course there are the ones that rise above the others and are better to use. I recommend using Google's PPC Program, which you might have heard of "Google AdSense", I have a section dedicated to helping you understand Google AdSense and how to use it most effectively on your website/Blog, Check it out at "Google AdSense".

Now you can use more than one PPC Advertiser on your website, so I have added the list below to help you search and determine which ones you like and want to use.

Google AdSense

AdBrite - Offer a varitity of advertising methods.


Yahoo! Publisher Network (YPN)


MSN AdCenter

That should be more than enough to get you started with PPC Advertising, remember to try a few different ones at the same time. Testing constantly can dramatically increase your income from PPC Ads and also don't overdo it with Ads everywhere on your website. More Ads doesn't always mean more money, use them wisely. Good Luck and make sure that you implement other Money Making Methods into your site, there are also many other advertising methods so keep reading through my site to increase the income from your website.

Building Traffic is VERY important to making money online so make sure to always visit "Building Traffic (Website Promotion)" and constantly work on building up your Traffic.