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Learn Different Ways To Advertise On Your Website

What is Advertising With a Website?

Advertising with a website is very similar to advertising in general, although there is a variety of different ways to receive payment for advertising online. Unlike offline advertising with Posters, Billboards, TV Ads, Newspaper Ads, etc it can prove difficult to track how well those Ads are working. Online every type of advertising is capable of being tracked down to the individual click or impression (view).

I would say that advertising online is more "Fair" as the Advertiser can pay for an exact amount of Clicks (traffic to their website/page), Impressions (how many different people get to view their Ad), etc. Also since every click and impression can be tracked (can even track if the click from your site made a sale for the advertiser) those who publish Ads to their website get paid for exactly what they send the advertiser, so the better your website promotes the ads the more money you can make.

If it was a fixed Ad and no tracking was done, your website could send huge amounts of traffic to the advertiser but you would only get paid a small amount compared to the volume of traffic being sent. So online Advertising is "Fair", and better in my opinion.

Who should add Ads to their Website?

Adding Ads to your website really depends on your type of site and the purpose of your website. I believe that all content sites and blogs should add some type of advertisement to their website in order to gain some of the costs back, plus more in most cases. Since there are many different types of Advertising methods for websites the type of method you use will vary depending on your individual goals. It is best to read through all the different methods of advertising that I talk about on this site and determine for yourself which ones you want to use.

Since it is free to advertise on your website there is nothing to lose in trying it, everyone with a content (informational) site or blog should try it, you can always remove the Ads whenever you want.

On websites/pages where you sell your own product or service (or anything you sell) I do not recommend adding ads there. Why? Because adding ads on those pages will only do one thing, drive traffic and potential buyers away from your website. If you are selling something then you want your visitors to buy what your selling not to go visit another site where there selling something. Adding ads to those pages will only lower your income.

How do you earn money with Advertising?

Earning money with advertising online is different to offline, each type of advertising though can have a different way of tracking and paying money. Now I did talk a bit about getting paid with advertising above but I'll try and explain it in more depth here.

There are a few different ways to earn money, you can get paid for each click of an Ad displayed on your website. You can get paid by adding certain Ads that pay you depending on how many people see that Ad (impressions), these are usually by people/companies that aren't selling something but want to get there logo, brand name, physical product (like Coke Cola) known and seen by more people. There are also the ads that you get paid when someone clicks on a link (from your site) and does a certain action on the advertiser's page. Actions can be like signing up to a newsletter, buying something, filling in a survey, etc, you usually get paid more for those type of Ads, this also refers more to Affiliate Marketing.

So you can see there are different ways to Advertise on your site, which ones you chose will be up to you and your goals. Think about how each different way will affect your website and which ones would be more effective as you read though the different methods on my site, you should read them all and all the other ways of "Making Money with your Website".

Types of Advertising for a Website

There are a bunch of different types of advertising that you can add to your website. Here is a list of the different types that I explain and help you implement effectively:

Try to read them all as knowing each type will help you better decide the best one to use for your website.

PPC Advertising

CPM Advertising

Google Custom Search Bar

Selling Banner/Ad Space

In-Text/In-Line Advertising

Pop up Advertising