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Using a Google Custom Search Bar on Your Website To Make Money

What is Google Custom Search Bar?

google_custom_searchIt is always good to offer a way for your visitors to search your website with the use of a search bar. Now who have the best search engine in the world, by best I mean most popular and most used, Google of course. Now some of you may not like Google but a very large percent of people who use the internet love Google. So what better Search Bar (engine) to have on your website for your visitors to search your pages then Google's. Google offer a Custom Search Engine that you can integrate into your website that you can set to search only pages within your website. This gives your users a very easy and well known (to them) Search Engine for your website.

The good thing with Google Custom Search Bar is that you can set it to have AdSense Ads on the search results page just like Google's search results have. If anyone clicks on any Ad on the results page you earn some money. It's a great way to add an effective Search Engine for your website and its visitors and also at the same time generate an income.

Who Should Use Google's Custom Search Bar?

This search bar will only be effective on websites that actually need to be searched, or where a search bar would help visitors locate certain information. There is no point in putting it on a website with only a few pages. Again this Search Bar is best suited to Content Website and some Blogs (not every Blog). When I say not every Blog I am mainly referring to Blogs that don't post all that often and usually contain posts that are only interesting at the time of posting, this won't be many of course. You can still add this search bar but it won't be as effective.

So adding this Search Bar to any Content Website, Blog, even forums, or any website that would benefit having a search bar is recommended. The plus side is that you can add a Search Bar to help your visitors navigate and at the same time generate more of an income.

How Much Can Be Made With This Google Search Bar?

As with every method of making money online, it depends on a number of facts. Since you only make money from the Ads placed on the search results page you first need people using the Search Bar. If you have a decent amount of people using the Search Bar then it will come down to the general AdSense method of making money, which depends on the amount of traffic seeing the Ads, the CTR (Click Through Rate) and the CPC (Cost Per Click).

So it all comes back to your Website, how much traffic you receive and how much of that traffic uses the search bar, which can be a lot if you have a large content website or a large blog. Large Forums can benefit from this search bar although most forums usually come with their own built in search engine. So it's up to you if you want to add the Google Search Bar to your Forum, this will depend on your intentions with that Forum, is it solely to make money?

How to Get Google Search Bar For Your Website

As with everything from Google this is quite easy, all you need to do is sign up with Google and then "Create a Custom Search Engine". Here is a link to the "Google Custom Search" page. Google are very helpful in assisting you to create the bar and integrate it to your website, you will be stepped through the process when you click "Create a Custom Search Engine".