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Cost Per Mille (CPM) Advertising With Your Website Explained

What is CPM Advertising?

cpm_advertisingCPM Advertising is different to PPC Advertising in the way that you get paid per a certain number of impressions (usually a thousand) instead of "Per Click". CPM is a pay per performance style of advertising and stands for "Cost Per Mille", where Mille is the Roman Numeral for One Thousand.

With CPM you earn money depending on the amount of impressions the Ad receives. CPM Advertising is more often used for people/companies that aren't really selling a product online but instead want to get there logo, brand name, Offline product, etc recognized, CPM would do this much more cost effectively than any other type of Online Advertising.

How much can CPM Advertising make?

Well since with CPM you get paid for every thousand impressions, the amount of money you can earn solely relies on your traffic and how many times that Ad is view. So how much you earn will vary depending on your Traffic, how many pages the Ad is shown on and how many pages each visitor views on average, the main factor is the Traffic though.

The amount you receive per Mille (thousand) impressions will vary depending on a number of things. The CPM Network you join has a big role to play, the position of the Ad will affect how much you earn and as usual the type of Ads being displayed will affect the CPM price.

So the amount you earn will vary depending on the amount of Traffic you get, type of website/blog you have, the amount of pages and the Niche of your site. So this brings us to the next questions:

Who should use CPM Advertising?

Now CPM Advertising is definitely not for everyone, if you have a reasonably small website with average Traffic then CPM won't make you much money at all. CPM Advertising is best suited to websites that have a large volume of Traffic but also have a large amount of Page Views per visitor. Websites that are or have a Forum work well with CPM as they usually have higher traffic and a larger amount of page view per visitor.

Entertainment Websites like video sites usually have a higher page view count than average so CPM is a good option there too. For example websites like Break and Youtube make a lot of money from CPM Advertising as they get HUGE amounts of Traffic and also have a very high page view count per visitor.

Where to find CPM Advertising Networks?

If you think that CPM Advertising will work for you or you want to test it out (testing out every type of advertising method is a very good idea) then the list of CPM Networks below will help. If you want to find your own CPM Network to join then simply search a search engine for "CPM Networks".

Here's the list:


Tribal Fusion

Right Media

Casale Media

Burst Media

Remember if you are adding the Ads to your Website then you are a Publisher.

There are many more CPM Networks but those are some popular ones and a great place to start. Remember to check out all the other types of Advertising and also the other "Making Money Methods" that I explain on this site.