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How To Set Up A Website - Setting Up A Website

You have most likely found this page because you are trying to learn how to set up a website, well that is exactly what this page is going to cover. Setting up a website yourself is actually quite easy but most people can get confused if they try to attempt it without any guidance. Before you run off and try to set up a website I want you to understand what is involved from start to finish.

It doesn’t matter what type of website you want to make or for what reason, if you do not spend some time thinking and learn what you need to do you will ultimately fail. So from here on I will cover what you need to know about “how to set up a website”, I will then direct you to further tutorials to get you on your path to setting up your own website.

Niche Selection

When you want to set up a website the first thing you need to think about is what niche you are going to set up a website on. A niche is simple the topic you use when setting up a website, it is always best if you focus on a single topic when setting up a website. For an example just have a look at my website, my niche is all related to “Making a Website”.

A niche is an important decision as it is going to be the topic which you will be working with when writing all your content or making your videos, what every type of media you use. So when you are learning how to set up a website you should put some real time and effort into not only choosing a niche that you like but also choosing one that gets some type of traffic (visitors). You can check how often a phrase is searched for in Google (the most popular search engine) by using Google Keyword Tool.

Now let’s move on before I bore you to death about website niche’s. I have other content on choosing a niche for those that are interested.

Domain Name

Once you have decided on a niche you want to use when setting up your website or you have a good idea of what you want the next step is to think of a good domain name. A domain name is something like and it effectively works as the link for your website. When someone clicks on or enters your domain name they are directed to your website hosting account which basically holds all your website files.

There are two ways that you can get a domain name when learning how to set up a website; you can register one on a domain registrar or you can get it bundled with your webhost purchase. For those that are new to setting up a website I recommend getting your domain name bundled with your hosting account. How to set up a website becomes much easier if you do it this way. If you set up a website by purchasing your domain name yourself you would then need to manually link the domain to your website hosting account. Buying your domain and hosting together bundled the hosting company will automatically link the domain to the account for you.

Here is a tutorial on “Getting your domain name and website hosting account”.


Website Hosting

Now that we have covered the domain name there’s only one other requirement for how to set up a website. That is a webhost or website hosting account, I did cover this quickly above but I want to go into a little more detail here.

So you know that a domain name directs people to your website hosting account and a website hosting account is where all your website files are actually stored. It is pretty important that you get a good webhost when learning how to set up a website. Since every file required for your website to run properly is saved on your webhost don’t you want the best hosting you can get. On top of that there’s actually a lot that your website hosting needs to be able to handle so you really need to get a good one.

If I told you to search Google to find a webhost you would be swamped with hundreds of different website hosting companies telling you their hosting is the best. The sad truth is that 90% of all website hosting out there is crap, on top of that there’s also a lot that are simply reselling another companies hosting plans. So how do you find a good one, simple, I have for you.

There are 2 main hosting companies that I recommend you use when setting up a website, originally I only recommended one but I know some people want an option. Both companies I recommend are huge and offer the best service and very affordable prices. The support everything you will ever need from a hosting company, but I talk more about them on another tutorial.

To learn more about the hosting companies I recommend and how to sign up to them check out “Getting your domain name and website hosting account”.

Setting Up A Website

How to set up a website, there is more to that phrase then simply getting a domain name and hosting account. Once you have both those things you are ready to actually set up your website, meaning making the pages and content.


Most of you would think that the only way to set up a website is by using website coding, this is not true. In fact I recommend that you don’t set up your website by hand coding it, unless you actually want to learn how to set up a website by coding it yourself. There are much easier ways to set up a website now, not only easier but in the end for newcomers the websites that are set up are of much higher quality.

Here are some tutorial sections (yes sections as they have many tutorials for each section) for different websites you can setup, each require you to know no coding at all, it’s easy.


Website Traffic

Finally when going through how to set up a website it is often overlooked, I am talking about website traffic. Too many people don’t know about the importance of website traffic before they start setting up a website, which is not a good thing. Website traffic is so important it should be a major consideration in any choice you make related to setting up your website.

No matter why you are making a website, whether you simply want to get your word out there or you want to make money online, you need to worry about website traffic. In short website traffic is the amount of visitors you get to your website within a given time(usually measured per month), the higher this number the more of your initial goal you receive.

For example say you are within the majority of people and you are learning how to set up a website to make some money online. You make money with your website by your visitors performing some type of action; whether they click on an ad, buy an affiliate product you are promoting or sign up to your newsletter, all will increase with higher website traffic.

Once you have set up your website completely you can get further help on how to build website traffic.