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How To Get Your Own Website

So you are ready to start your online journey, that’s great news so let’s jump straight into it. You will be happy to know that creating a website is much easier then you may think and I want to help you through every step of the way, including the first step of actually getting your very own website.

Domain Name And Website Hosting

You may have heard me say this already but since it is very important and related to getting your own website I want to mention domain names and website hosting again. If you want to start your very own website then you must, and I mean must, get your own domain name and website hosting account. Every single website on the internet needs a domain name to represent it (like plus you also need a website hosting account which stores all your website files and makes them available for anyone around the world to view 24/7.

Below are tutorials that will step you through the exact process of getting your very own domain name and website hosting account for your new website. In the videos I will also talk about related and important information to help you further.

Video Tutorial:

I try to make a video tutorial for every single page on my website that I feel could benefit you more if you saw what to do from a video.

You will notice there are 2 videos below, this is because I have made a separate video tutorial with 2 different website hosting companies that I highly recommend. I originally was only going to recommend Hostgator however I feel you need an option so I have picked 2 of my favorite and most recommended hosting companies for you to choose from.

No matter what type of website you want to make you will need a website hosting account and domain name. So the tutorials on this page showing you how to get your own website apply to everyone no matter the type of website you want.


Recommendation #1

Hostgator is my number one recommended hosting company and I do recommend you use them. However as an alternative if you do not want to use Hostgator as your website hosting company or you have any trouble signing up with them (which you shouldn’t) you will find my second recommended hosting company down the page a little bit.

HostgatorHostgator Website

(The link above is my affiliate link to the Hostgator Website, please use this link as the commissions received help keep this website entirely free)

In addition to the video tutorial I will also include a step by step written guide (with images) to help you with your signup procedure.

Hostgator Signup Step by Step Guide:

{showhide title="CLICK HERE TO SHOW THIS GUIDE" template="strong" changetitle="CLICK HERE TO HIDE THIS GUIDE" mousetitleistitle=true closeonclick=true titleasspan=true}

Remember the following tutorial is better seen if you watch the video above, this written version is additional help mainly for those that don’t want to watch the video.


Step 1) Click on the link below to go to the Hostgator Website, this will open in a new page so that this Tutorial doesn’t close on you.


Step 2) From the Hostgator home page you want to select “WEB HOSTING” from the top navigation.

Click Web Host

Step 3) You will now get to choose from 3 different plans, basically you will want either the “Hatchling Plan” or “Baby Plan” don’t worry about the “Business Plan”. So between the Hatchling and Baby Plans the only difference is the amount of Domain Names you have hosted on the one account. If you know you will only have one website go with the “Hatching Plan” as it will be cheaper, if you think you may want to host multiple Websites (Domain Names) go with the “Baby Plan”. If you are unsure I would recommend just going with the “Hatchling Plan”. So click “Order Now” on the Plan you want.


Step 4) Now you need to choose the Domain Name you want, you will want to enter a Domain Name (to check if it’s available) in the section on the left “Register a New Domain”. If you already have a Domain Name and you just want to buy the Hosting then enter your Domain Name in the box on the right.

So Enter the Domain Name you want in the box on the left and click “Continue to Step 2” to check if that Domain is available. You don’t need to enter “www.” at the start or “.com” at the end, you will notice there is a .com already at the end.


Step 5) If you entered a Domain Name that was taken it will tell you and you will need to try a different Domain Name, just keep trying until you find an available domain name. Once you find an available Domain you will now be at the “Billing Information” screen. Simply enter in all your details then click “Create Account” at the bottom of the page.


Step 6) After you have finished your order you will be send an email to the email account you used to sign up with. The first email you receive will just thank you for your order and let you know you will get another email shortly. The second email will contain all the details for your new Website.

Step 7) Done, you now have your own website.



Recommendation #2

If you do not want to use Hostgator to host your website then I strongly suggest you use JustHost. JustHost offer hosting that is as good as Hostgators and they also use CPanel as the hosting control panel that you use to manage your website. This is what you want since all the tutorials I have on my website will work perfectly with Just Host, as they do with Hostgator.

Video Coming Very Soon…


(The link above is my affiliate link to the JustHost Website, please use this link as the commissions received help keep this website entirely free)

Again, in addition to the above video tutorial for getting your website with JustHost I will also supply a step by step guide (with images) for those that are unable to view the video or simply prefer written guides.

JustHost Signup Step by Step Guide

{showhide title="CLICK HERE TO SHOW THIS GUIDE" template="strong" changetitle="CLICK HERE TO HIDE THIS GUIDE" mousetitleistitle=true closeonclick=true titleasspan=true}

Step 1) Click the link below to go to JustHost’s website, or you can simply CLICK HERE. Once you click the link it will open JustHost’s website in a new page so that this tutorial doesn’t close.


Step 2) From here the easiest thing to do is to click the “Web Hosting” link on the top navigational menu, it will be the second link beside the “Home” page link.


Step 3) This will display a page that allows you to choose between two different web hosting plans called “JustPlan” and “JustPlan Premium”. I recommend that you choose the “JustPlan” as the only difference is the number of free domains you get for free with the account. To begin with you only want to make one website, if you do decide to create additional websites later the “JustPlan” account allows you to still add on domains later (meaning you can host multiple websites with this single hosting account), which is actually cheaper since you only pay for domains per year, saves you increasing your month hosting cost.

So go for the “JustPlan”, click “Sign Up Now”.


If you want you can look through the other information lower on the page or click the “Find out more” button but honestly all you need to know is that everything with JustHost is unlimited and it supports absolutely everything you will need to create your website.

Step 4) Now you will need to enter the domain name that you want for your website, if you already have a domain name then you can simply click the second option on the page labeled “I already own my own domain (transfer clients)”. However for most of you, what you want to do is leave the first option selected and register a new domain name. Remember you can also get a free domain name when you sign up so you want to use it, plus when you sign up with a domain name they handle all the technical stuff for you and link the domain to your website hosting account.


Step 5) In the Box named “Domain Name” you need to enter the domain name you want for your website. You will notice there is already a www. at the start of the box so you don’t need to enter that yourself, plus you can also see there is a .com at the end (which you can change if you don’t want a .com, but I recommend trying to get a .com as they are more valuable and widely known).


You may need to try a few different domains as the one you want may already be taken, just play around with words a bit until you find a domain name you want that is available. You are not allowed to use spaces in a domain name but you can always use the hyphen (-) key in place where you would usually put a space. Try to get the domain you want without using the hyphen key but if you can’t find a domain you like that is available start using the hyphen key where spaces should be as it will give you a higher change of finding an available domain. Additionally if you cannot find any .com domains available that you like you can always try changing the .com extension to something else, like .net or .org, etc.

When you find a domain you like click the “Continue” button.

Step 6) You are now on the last page, all you need to do here is fill out some of your details and select a payment option. So first just enter in your contact information.

The next section is payment option, you can pay using either credit card or via PayPal, which ever you feel more comfortable with, both are very secure.

Make sure that the “I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of use” checkbox is ticked, read the terms and conditions if you want.

Now simply confirm the “Order Summary” at the bottom of the page. Now you can actually select your payment intervals. You can choose to pay monthly but you will notice that you pay a lot more per month if you pay monthly. Choose a payment option that you like best, remember that you have an anytime money back guarantee so feel safe with the option you choose. Personally I would recommend going with the 48month payment if you are serious about your website. This is so much cheaper, it is crazy how cheap it is if you pay for the 4 years upfront, seriously a once off payment of $141 for 4 years of incredibly good hosting is well worth it.

Step 7) Before you click “Complete” and officially get your website you have a few other options to consider. You can see that you are able to select a service called “Domain Privacy”, this will automatically protect your contact details for this website and no one will ever see them, this is a good option if you take privacy seriously.

Next there are two option right at the bottom of the page just before the “Complete” button. “Daily Backup” and “SiteLock”, the daily backups isn’t a bad idea as it makes backing up your website easier and automated but this is only for those that want it since you can personally backup your own websites for free. As for the SiteLock I personally don’t bother but if you don’t mind paying the extra money it is some additional security.

Step 8) So once you have filled out the signup page and selected all the options you want you are ready to click “Complete”



What To Do After You Have Your Website

So once you have your website you are ready to actually start creating your own website and I want to help you through the entire process. First thing I recommend doing though is going through the “Mastering CPanel” tutorials and setup your own unique email account/s, like you(@) Plus have a look at the other CPanel Tutorials as they teach you how to use your new websites hosting control panel.

Your next step is to start creating your website, which you have a few options here since your website could be a blog, forum, shopping website, content website, social website, whatever it was you wanted to make. Your best option here is to head over to “How To Create A Website – The Different Ways To Create Your Website” tutorial which will show you all the different ways you can create your website and then point you in the right direction.

Here are some quick links if you already know how you want to create your website.

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  • How To Make A Social Website – (Ie. Facebook/Myspace are social websites)

Any links above not clickable means that I am still working on that section and I will have it up soon.