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Structuring WordPress Permalinks And Improve SEO

What Are WordPress Permalinks?

WordPress Permalinks are basically the URLs used to display each page within your WordPress Blog. From the administration side of WordPress you are able to configure WordPress Permalinks to display the URLs for your blog in whatever way you want. A Permalink in WordPress can be optimized to increase the SEO of your WordPress Permalinks. WordPress Permalink structure can be changed to include a large variety of different details, you can edit WordPress Permalinks to be displayed using the date the post/page was published, its category, the further of the post/page, etc.

WordPress Permalinks Video Tutorial:

WordPress Permalink Structure

For your convenience I will list the different options/values that you can use to customize your own WordPress Permalinks. In addition when you change the Permalink Structure WordPress is using there are always default Permalinks to choose from.

Permalink Tags:

  • %year%
  • %monthnum%     - displays the digital value for the month i.e 09 for September.
  • %day%
  • %hour%
  • %minute%
  • %second%
  • %post_id%
  • %postname%
  • %category%
  • %tag%
  • %author%

How To Use Permalink Tags

The above tags can be used in the “Permalink Settings” section once logged in to the admin side of WordPress. You can access WordPress Permalinks using the link on the left hand side under the settings tab at the bottom of them menu and it will be called “Permalinks”

Under “Common settings” you will see four default Permalink options and then “Custom Structure”, you want to use the custom structure to enter your own Permalink Settings. Here you want to enter your custom settings like “/TAG/TAG/TAG… etc”, so for an example you could enter:   /%category%/%postname/. Say you made a post on computer hardware called Video Cards this would display “, depending how you name your categories and posts.

SEO WordPress Permalinks

So if you want to make the most of your Permalinks and add to the SEO value of your WordPress Blog then you should create your own custom Permalinks to include values that will help add to the ranking value of your URLs targeted to the Keyword you want to rank for. In most cases structuring your WordPress Permalinks to show the category and post name will be the most beneficial here as they should contain keywords that directly relate to each post.