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Setting Up Your About Me Page For Your Blog

I believe that every blog should have an “About Me” page, this give your readers the ability to learn a little more about you and why they should trust/follow what you are saying in your blog posts. Also if you write up a good “About Me” page it will make people think they know you a little better and they will be more likely to turn into loyal readers. Spend a little time on your About Me page and get it right, don’t rush it just stating facts about yourself.

To learn how to create a page in WordPress for your about me page simply check out this tutorial “How To Publish Pages In WordPress”.

What Your About Me Page Should Contain

So to state the obvious here, your About Me page needs to tell your readers more about you, complicated concept there I know. You should start off simply by answering the question “Who are you?”. Here you want to talk a little about yourself like for instance it is good to start with your name and if you want to your age, and no you can’t lie and take 5 years off. You could also mention things like the area of the world you live in, explain a little about it, etc.

Next you should write a bit about your expertise and what you have done that gives you the authority to be writing your blog. This can even be things like you have been interested in “TOPIC” for many years now and have learnt everything there is to know about it, etc. Here is also a good idea to add in what education you have if it is related to the topic of your blog and proves that you are qualified to be writing about this. You don’t need to of done any degrees or university to be able to write in your expertise, for example if your blog is on car repair your expertise could simply be that you have loved the mechanics of cars your whole life and have been working on your own cars for the past X years, etc.

You can include other things like why you started this blog, whether it was to spread the word, share your knowledge, because you wanted to help people, etc. Basically just explain why you started your blog what you want your blog to achieve.

Lastly you should also include some contact details so your readers have a way of contacting you if they want. This can be simply mentioning your email address at the end or even adding in a contact form if you are able to.

About Me Page Writing Style

You have a few different option in the way you can style the writing of your about me page. You can write it as if you are talking to the reader personally and explain to them about yourself. You could also go the total opposite direction and make it a formal about me page, however this isn’t as engaging to the readers. Personally I would recommend writing your about me page as if you where talking to someone.

How Long Should An About Me Page Be

This can vary a lot, the length of your about me page will really come down to how well you are at talking about yourself. If you are one of those people that have no problem tell people about yourself and you can talk for ages explaining your life or you in detail then you will likely be able to make a lengthy About Me page, which is fine as long as you don’t drag it out and it becomes boring. On the other hand if you don’t really feel too comfortable talking to others about yourself you can make your about me page pretty short which is also fine, as long as it contains the relevant information. By short I mean you would at least want to reach about 200-300 words.

Picture Of Yourself

I almost forgot to mention this, it is very common for an about me page to have a picture of yourself. This is not a definite requirement but it is recommended that you put a face to your name, this gives people a further impression that they know you. If you really do not want to put a picture of yourself on your about me page that’s ok but it is something you should really think about doing. You gain more reputation when people actually know what you look like then to be a faceless blogger.