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Introduction To Setting Up Your WordPress Blog

So you are ready to start your own WordPress blog, with the tutorials throughout my website you will have no problem what so ever setting up your WordPress blog. This page will help guide you through the “Setting Up WordPress” phase, this is where you will officially get your Domain Name and Hosting account for your blog. So let’s get started;

Video Tutorial:


Domain Name And Hosting Account

Now the first step to setting up your WordPress blog is to get a Domain Name and Hosting account for your blog. As you may know the Domain Name (i.e. is basically the address to your website hosting account where all the files for your blog will be stored. So to officially start your blog you should head over to the tutorial “Get Your Blog Domain Name And Hosting Account” or if you feel confident you can head straight to the “Hostgator” page and signup yourself, I do recommend using my tutorial though.



Ready To Install WordPress

Once you have your Domain Name and Hosting account you are ready to install WordPress to your website. There are actually 2 different ways to install WordPress; one way is extremely easy and quick, the other is slightly longer but still easy. There will be a better explanation on the tutorial page for that so you should now check out the tutorial “Installing WordPress To Your New Website”.

Basic WordPress Settings

Once you have your WordPress Blog installed to your new website there are some basics settings you can setup. WordPress is capable of so many different things and for your individual needs you will not need to know everything about WordPress so there will be tutorials on this website which you don’t actually need to use. However basics settings are always good to know even if you don’t use them so each of the following tutorial links should be beneficial but you can skip ones you feel you don’t need to know;

So that covers all the basic settings and tutorials for WordPress and once you feel you have done what you need to from here you can move onto customizing WordPress and also writing content for your blog. You can find all the WordPress Tutorials on a menu to the left, this WordPress menu will be visible on any WordPress related page.