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Introduction To Content And Your Blog

So the whole concept being a blog is to regularly publish fresh content within a certain topic to your readers. However in order to be able to publish this regular content you have to have a blog setup and ready for you to use. All the tutorials up until now have been about setting up your Blog and customizing it to how you want it. Now you should be ready to start writing content for your blog.

Writing Your About Me Page

As you might already know if you read many blogs yourself that most blogs have an “About Me” page which basically contains a story and background information about the author of that blog. So the first bit of content you write for your blog should be your About Me page, unless of course you are not going to make one. Writing your About Me page is too hard and it gives you a good starting point for your writing, don’t worry too much about messing it up, you can edit your About me page many times whenever you want throughout the life of your blog. To get help with writing your About Me page check out the following tutorial;

Tutorial Link: Setting Up and Writing Your About Me Page.

Making Your First Blog Post

When you start a new blog you will probably notice that one of the hardest things to do is to write your first blog post. It can be very daunting thinking of what your first blog post will be about, you may have so many different ideas you can’t decide or your head may be blank. Either way I do not recommend pulling out your best blog post ideas and using them first, think about it. When you create a new blog you will have absolutely no loyal readers and your first blog post will receive little to no visitors, don’t panic this is normal. Your blog will take time to grow and get a strong standing in the search engines all you need to do is start posting, just don’t start with your best posts.

After you have been blogging for a few weeks you may think you are running out of ideas to make blog posts about, this is also normal and expected. That’s why I have made a tutorial on help you find new blog post ideas.

Tutorial Link: How To Find New Blog Post Ideas
Cant forget this Tutorial Link: How To Publish Posts To Your WordPress Blog

Customizing Your Blog Posts

Granted, every blog post needs content in the form of text and you should always have this. However it is also good to spice up your blog posts and add more of a variety of content, in the form of additional images and videos. One thing you should try and do is add an image to pretty much every blog post you make, this adds color and makes it more appealing to readers. Plus every time you can add a relevant video, don’t just add videos for fun and because you think it makes every post better, most your posts (some of you all your posts) won’t have any video but if the opportunity shows itself you should take it.

Tutorial Link: Embedding YouTube Video’s Into Your Posts
Tutorial Link: Adding Images To Your WordPress Posts

I should also mention this last tutorial: How To Publish Pages In WordPress (pages are different to posts, the tutorial explains this)