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How To Update WordPress And Why

Why It Is Important To Keep WordPress Updated

I want to start with why it is important to make sure that your WordPress installation is kept up to date, then I will move onto showing you exactly how to check if it is.

There are a few reasons but one of the biggest reasons to stay up to date is security related. Unfortunately there are people out there then spend a lot of time looking through the coding behind the WordPress Platform trying to find ways to exploit it. Basically they try to find out if there is any way they can destroy, take over, post unauthorized content, etc to your WordPress Blog, anything that they know you don’t want to happen. Why do they do this, who knows, for fun maybe? Although WordPress has come a long way and is actually very secure plus as soon as they see any type of weakness they release an update to fix it. So keeping up to date insures that your blog stays secure.

There are also regular updates that improve on the functionality and performance of WordPress which is always a good thing. Since updating in WordPress is very easy there is no reason that your Blog isn’t always fully up to date.

Now to show you how to keep your WordPress Blog up to date, below you will see a tutorial video plus a written step by step guide, use either one.

Video Tutorial:

Step By Step Guide:

Step 1) Login To WordPress

Step 2) Generally if there is an update for WordPress it will be noted at the top of the dashboard page once you login and will say something like “WordPress 3.1.1 is available! Please update now.” In this case you can just click the “Please update now” link, shown below.


Step 3) Now for the manual way to check if there is an update for WordPress. On the left hand menu click the dropdown arrow for the “Dashboard” Item if it is not already expanded. Then click on the “Updates” button.


Step 4) This page will now tell you if you need to update WordPress or if you are currently up to date. The following 2 images will show you the difference between updated and not updated.

WordPress needs to be updated image;


WordPress is currently up to date image;