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How To Start A Blog

Blogging has become extremely popular over the past years and along with it a huge increase for people wanting to start a blog. Starting a blog gets easier every year as blogging platforms like WordPress get improved. You will be happy to know that learning how to start a blog is very easy and cheap, notice how I said cheap, there are a lot of websites out there that let you start a blog for free however this is not recommended if you are trying to make a reputable blog and if you want to make an income from it, I will talk more about that later.

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WordPress The Blogging Platform

Most of you would have heard about WordPress already but for those of you who haven’t here is a quick introduction to WordPress. If you want to start your own blog I highly recommend you use WordPress, it is by far the most popular blogging platform available and it is 100% free to use.

A blogging platform like WordPress is a website application that you can install onto your own website hosting account that you want to start your blog on and manages everything for you. What do I mean by that? Let’s say you where starting a blog on “Golf” and you purchased a domain name called “”, you install WordPress to your website hosting account for “”. Once WordPress is installed it will setup the whole blog for you and you can control the blog by logging into the administration side of WordPress and can control everything WordPress does from a very easy to use “User Interface”. Don’t worry I have many video tutorials to help you master WordPress, enough about how WordPress works, for now.

For a look at what WordPress actually is and what it can do checkout the video at the top of this page.

Self Hosted Blog

I said above that when you are starting a blog you don’t want to use a website that allows you to create a blog for free and I also said that WordPress was 100% free, let me clarify this. Websites like and allow you to host a blog on their website 100% free, you don’t have to pay for website hosting or anything however this can actually be very bad depending on your goals.

If you are learning how to start a blog, make it reputable and you want to make some type of income from it then you definitely don’t want to use a free blogging service. allows you to host a free WordPress blog on their website however they also offer their blogging platform “WordPress” for you to install on your own website to start a blog for free. This is a much better option.

Hosting your own blog is cheap and I have all the tutorials (With Videos) that teach you how to start a blog, if you know what topic you are doing and have an idea for a domain name and you are ready to start a blog then check out “Getting Your Blogs Domain Name And Hosting Account”, or if you are ready to start a blog but are unsure about a domain name check out “Choosing A Good Domain Name For Your Blog”.

Why Free Blogs Are Bad

If you are wondering why I keep saying not to use a free blogging website then I will clear that up now. Let’s look at what you don’t get with a free blogging website;

  • You don’t get your own unique domain name, you have to use ones like “” this gives you a weaker chance to get your blog ranked in search engines and also looks less reputation then, which would you rather?
  • You never have control over your blog, whoever is hosting your blog for you actually own your blog, not you. At any given time, without any reason, the company you started a blog with could shut your blog down, they don’t even have to tell you why. This is extremely bad for anyone in my opinion.
  • Making an income is very difficult from a free hosted blog, you are limited to ways you are allowed to monetize your blog, if any monetization methods upset the company hosting your blog, your blog will be removed.
  • Traffic generation, this ties into making money also. Building up a nice flow of traffic to a free hosted blog is extremely difficult and will really restrict the amount of money you can make.
  • Many other reasons….

Just from the explanation above you should now be conviced that you don’t want to use a free hosted blog. Hosting your own blog only costs around $8 a month at most so don’t be cheap and learn how to start a blog on your own hosted web server, you can find out how to get your own hosting and domain name for your blog at “Getting Your Blog’s Domain Name And Hosting”.

Back To The Point

So the main aim of this page and the reason you are here is to learn how to start a blog, so let’s get back to that. Most other sources helping you create a blog are single page tutorials and skip way too much information and don’t help as much as they should. That is why I have created an entire section dedicated to teaching you exactly how to start your own blog with WordPress and also how to master everything you need to know about WordPress.

You will notice there is a menu in the left hand column, when you navigate to any tutorial page related to WordPress there will be a WordPress Menu there with links to all the different WordPress tutorials on my site.

As I just mentioned you can use the menu on the left to navigate the WordPress Tutorials but to get you started I will list some links here that will help you learn how to start a blog;